When Shah Rukh Khan ‘Forged’ Akshay Kumar’s Signature Because Of A Fan & Later Confessed “Main Bahut Gussa Hua Tha” – Watch Him Narrating The Cutest & The Most Animated Anecdote

Shah Rukh Khan once had to let a fan believe he was Akshay Kumar. Watch him narrating the most animated anecdote about a fan interaction!

Shah Rukh Khan Once Revealed He Had To 'Forge' Akshay Kumar's Signature Because Of A Fan & Confessed "Main Bahut Gussa Hua Tha" - Watch Him Narrating The Cutest & The Most Animated AnecdoteShah Rukh Khan Once Had To Let A Fan Believe He Was Akshay Kumar! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )
Shah Rukh Khan is one of the brightest superstars. But he is probably the wittiest of them all. His humor and sarcasm are generally on point. However, he makes sure that those sarcastic and humorous pins and digs are always intended to make someone laugh. This time, we decided to let you laugh as he narrated a funny anecdote.

SRK once revealed an incident where he had to forge Akshay Kumar‘s signature for the sake of a fan. However, he even confessed that the fan was continuously nagging and he was furious over her behavior, but still, he was humble enough to accommodate that fan’s request!

Shah Rukh Khan narrated this incident in this quirky manner while he made an appearance on Sajid Khan’s chat show with Anushka Sharma. The Pathaan superstar, in an animated manner, imitated a fan who was following her at the airport once.

Continuing his story, the superstar said, she kept shouting ‘aaa ek autograph.’ The actor revealed he had to catch a flight and she was running behind him at the terminal for just a photograph. The actor even mentioned how he was annoyed and irritated by his nagging and childish behavior by that female fan. “Mera plane chala jaayega,” he told her, and she was shouting and adamant, “Please, please ek photo.”

Shah Rukh Khan was finally angry and irritated and was rude to her as well. However, he decided to fulfill her request for an autograph and a picture. He narrated, “Main baahar nikla, maine kaha – Aaiye aaiye, le lijiye. She was like, main bahut badi fan hoon, bahut badi fan hoon. Maine kaha koi baat nahi.”

However, what SRK revealed next would crack you up. Continuing his animated narration, he said, “(she was like) Uff Akshay. I Love Youuuuu.” This cracked up the audience like anything. But the Jawan superstar further revealed what he did next, which makes him truly the most humble superstar ever.

Shah Rukh Khan said, “Main unka dil nahi todna chahta tha. To maine jo signature diya, wo Akshay Kumar hi diya. I autographed her as Akshay.” This made everyone go awwww! Well, surely it would have made you go aww as well.

Then wait till you see SRK narrating this funny yet cute story in his quirky and animated way. We are sure it will melt you right away. The video was shared by a fan club of Shah Rukh Khan SRK_LOVERS on YouTube.

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