Fearlessly Daring: Miley Cyrus Steals the Show with Fishnet Dress and Nipple Pasties at iHeartRadio Music Festival, Electrifying the Stage with Unmatched Twerking Skills

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus confirmed her split from Liam Hemsworth. However, amidst the backlash over her provocative performance at last month’s VMAs, Miley appeared rather defiant as she walked around Las Vegas wearing a completely see-through fishnet dress with nipple pasties after performing at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Saturday. Despite the negative publicity surrounding her MTV awards performance, the 20-year-old singer appeared to pay no heed as she twerked, stuck out her tongue, and touched herself during her latest show. A video of her performance can be found below.

Ready for this? Miley Cyrus followed up another questionable performance at the iHeart Radio festival in Las Vegas on Saturday by stepping out in a fishnet dress over barely anything else


Ready to hear something juicy? Miley Cyrus once again sparked a debate with her latest performance at the iHeart Radio festival held in Las Vegas. The singer was seen sporting a revealing fishnet dress that had everyone talking.

Enough, already: The popstar continues to shock with her nearly-nude clothing choices - taking to the stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday clad in this revealing number

Stop the presses! The famous singer continues to surprise everyone with her daring fashion choices, as she appeared on stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in an outfit that left little to the imagination. Her barely-there attire consisted of a broad-netted fabric that exposed her minuscule underpants and black leather nipple pasties. To complete the look, she wore furry white sleeves and heavy black chain and leather boots that gave off a bondage-like vibe. The top half of her white dress resembled a hospital-inspired neck brace, leaving many wondering what her intentions were with this particular ensemble.

Concerning: The recently single Miley left little to the imagination in the revealing outfit but failed to appeal


Concerning: The recently single Miley left little to the imagination in the revealing outfit but failed to appeal

Miley’s most recent attire may have shown off more than expected, but it didn’t quite make a mark.

Feeling peckish? The young star clutched what appeared to be a pretend banana backstage


Are you feeling a bit hungry? The youthful celebrity was seen clutching what seemed to be an artificial banana behind the scenes.

Toys: Miley used what appeared to be a fake banana as a microphone device, and to play with backstage

Toys: Miley used what appeared to be a fake banana as a microphone device, and to play with backstage


During a recent iHeart concert, Miley Cyrus was seen using a fake banana as a makeshift microphone while goofing around backstage. She also showed off her signature wink-face, accompanied by her notorious tongue wagging. The singer was spotted sharing an embrace with Britney Spears, who had recently spoken up in support of Miley. Britney stated that she understood what it was like to be in Miley’s position and that the young star was just full of energy. At the concert, Miley also opened up about how she often finds herself getting into trouble.

One of these things is not like the other: Miley looked well and truly bare in this snap between Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the event

Miley stands out in this picture with the Kardashian and Jenner sisters at the event due to her simple and unadorned appearance.

Interesting conversation? Kourtney appeared to be taken aback by something Miley said


Engaged in an interesting talk? Miley’s words appeared to have taken Courtney by surprise.

Wardrobe change: Miley sang into a banana after changing into the piece of fishnet fabric and covering her breasts with nipple pasties

Miley Cyrus decided to switch up her outfit and took on the appearance of a banana. She achieved this look by wearing fishnet fabric and using nipple pasties to cover her breasts.

Back to her old tricks: Miley Cyrus is back in her underwear with her tongue out as she performs at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday


Miley Cyrus made a comeback with her signature antics at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas last Saturday. As anticipated, she showed off some skin during her performance, wearing a laced corset-style outfit that flaunted her toned figure and flat stomach. The singer gave it her all on stage, especially after photos of her ex-boyfriend Liam kissing actress Eiza Gonzalez surfaced online. To add more shock value, Miley even went as far as caressing the bottom of a female dwarf backup dancer during her set.

Time to twerk: Miley was defiant in the face of criticism of her VMA show

Let’s bust a move in a bold and daring manner as Miley Cyrus remained unfazed by the negative feedback received for her VMAs act, standing firm and unapologetic.

Touchy-feely: Miley spent much of her performance touching herself on stage during her first set at the Las Vegas iHeartRadio concert on the weekend


Touchy-feely: Miley spent much of her performance touching herself on stage during her first set at the Las Vegas iHeartRadio concert on the weekend

During her performance, Miley appeared to be rebellious as she frequently touched herself on stage.

Groping: Miley caressed a dancing lady's backside on stage


As Miley made her way towards the stage, she noticed a lady dancing and decided to show her kindness by rubbing her back. It was a simple gesture, but it demonstrated her care and concern for others.

Are you ready for this? Miley came out fighting after a few calamitous weeks

Hey, did you hear the news? Miley Cyrus has had a bit of a rough patch lately, but she’s bounced back like a pro. During her latest performance, she rocked a platinum blonde look and even tossed a pink bra into the crowd while dancing with some mushroom-clad performers. Despite having her mom, Tish, by her side, Miley still managed to amp up the sexiness factor of her show. It’s no secret that Miley’s been under fire for her foam finger shenanigans with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, but it looks like she’s not letting the haters get her down.

Saucy: Miley waved a pink bra around and went to throw it into the audience at the show


Saucy: Miley waved a pink bra around and went to throw it into the audience at the show

Cheeky: At the concert, Miley playfully lassoed a pink bra around her chest before tossing it into the ecstatic crowd.

Let's twerk! Miley busted some moves on stage, much to the delight of the audience


How about a little dancing? Miley put on quite a show, impressing the crowd with her moves and bringing joy to all who watched.

Have you seen this before? Miley gyrates with her back to the audience in a familiar move

Have you ever seen Miley Cyrus perform like this? She takes to the stage with her back facing the crowd in a way that’s become quite familiar.

An inappropriate paradox: A near-naked Miley sang in front of a colourful, innocent backdrop

Miley Cyrus performed in front of a vibrant, playful set while wearing minimal clothing. During an interview with MTV, she acknowledged that both Madonna and Britney Spears had previously executed a similar performance, and that this is what the audience expects from VMA performances. Miley and Robin kept reminding themselves that they were about to do something groundbreaking. Despite facing criticism in the media, Miley maintained that it did not affect her and that she was not bothered by negative comments, as this kind of controversy has happened numerous times in pop music.

Are you ready? The crowd went wild for Miley's raunchy display

Are you ready for it? Miley’s daring and bold performance drove the crowd wild with excitement.

Flower power: Miley mysteriously teamed her outfit with a daisy chain style choker as she sang alongside a woman dressed as a mushroom

As Miley took to the stage, something caught the eye of the audience. It was a choker necklace made in the style of a daisy chain, adding a mystique to her outfit. She was also accompanied by another woman who was dressed up as a mushroom. Miley’s playful fashion choice showcased the beauty and power of flowers.

Nail in the coffin: Miley's VMA show allegedly speeded up the end of her romance with Liam Hemsworth

Nail in the coffin: Miley's VMA show allegedly speeded up the end of her romance with Liam Hemsworth

There are speculations going around that Miley Cyrus might have called it quits with Liam Hemsworth because of her controversial performance at the VMAs. It’s unfortunate that this could be the tipping point for their relationship.

These boots are made for dancing: Miley wore her white heeled baseball boots for her show

Miley Cyrus opted for her white baseball boots with high heels during her performance, which are ideal for dancing.

Feeling peckish? Miley belted out tunes into a banana

Do you feel a little down today? Well, Miley Cyrus just did a performance dressed as a banana. She even mentioned how happy she was that people were still talking about her provocative show. Miley was thrilled that people were still buzzing about it even three days later. It seems like the attention hasn’t hurt her career either because her latest single, “Wrecking Ball,” is now sitting at the top of the charts.

Underwear gift: Miley handed the mauve bra over midway through her provocative show

Halfway through her daring performance, Miley Cyrus passed off a lavender-colored bra to someone in the audience.

Whip my hair back and forth: Miley relished being the centre of attention

Miley relished basking in the limelight, swaying her hair from side to side with a grin on her face.

Show of support: Miley was joined by her mother Tish Cyrus

Show of support: Miley was joined by her mother Tish Cyrus

Showing solidarity: Miley was accompanied by her mother, Tish Cyrus.

Energy: Miley joined a gaggle of dancers on stage in the vigorous show

Miley joined a crew of dancers during the high-energy show.

Controversy: Miley and Robin Thicke's twerking at the VMAs last month hit headlines for all the wrong reasons

In the previous month, Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s twerking act at the VMAs created quite a commotion and made the news for all the negative attention it received.

Break up: Liam Hemsworth has since been pictured with Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez since the split was confirmed

Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez has been spotted with actor Liam Hemsworth ever since he confirmed his split from singer Miley Cyrus. According to reports, this was the final straw in the on-and-off relationship between Miley and Liam. Their breakup was allegedly caused by Miley’s controversial performance which left Liam “mortified.” Representatives for the former couple announced on Monday that they have ended their two-year engagement and romance. Liam proposed to Miley in May 2012 with a Neil Lane engagement ring but their relationship has been rocky for the past year due to their different career paths.

Something in common: Britney Spears hugged Miley backstage at the iHeart Radio event after having recently spoke out in defense of the controversial young star

At the iHeart Radio event, Britney Spears warmly greeted Miley backstage, suggesting that they share a bond. Britney has recently voiced her support for the young and polarizing celebrity.

Miley chats with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Hello there! Mileys had a friendly chat with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Friends in high places: The young pop star posed with the Kardashian clan following her raunchy show

Friends in High Places: Following her energetic performance, the youthful pop sensation posed for a snapshot with the Kardashian family, while Ne-Yo captured a moment with ice cream treats behind the scenes at the event.


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