Gia Duddy and Will LevisGia Duddy and Will Levis (via @giaduddy Instagram and Getty Images)
Will Levis’s NFL career got off to one heck of a rocky start. It was destined to be one of the most followed careers in NFL history after the former University of Kentucky quarterback slipped to the second round after being a projected top 10 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

There has been no change in how his career has gone recently, but some off-the-field concerns have sparked after an apparent private tape between the signal caller and his ex-girlfriend, Gia Duddy, leaked on X.

It has yet to be confirmed whether or not the former couple has heard about the news of their private video from what could have been up to 3 years ago, but if one thing’s for sure, it doesn’t seem to be bothering Duddy.

Gia Duddy recently posted her first online video since the tape was leaked, and there seems to be no indication that she is aware of anything that has been going on online recently. It should be noted that the comments have been limited, which could be a slight sign.

Gia Duddy Gets Sponsored After Leaked Tape

In the video, Duddy can be seen doing many day-to-day things around her house, such as drinking coffee, doing yoga, and working out. This is a post that contrasts the leaked one that surfaced just a few days ago.

Not only has she posted, but the post is also sponsored by Alo Moves, a fitness company. It’s unclear whether the brand is aware of Duddy’s recent leak with her ex-boyfriend, but if they are, they clearly don’t mind the attention.

Now, NFL fans are just waiting on an official statement from Titans quarterback Will Levis, and unfortunately, we probably won’t get one. There hasn’t been a scandal like this since the Brandon Spikes tape was leaked in 2009.