Tom Brady sprinting during his workout.

Tom Brady running. (Photo via @tombrady Instagram)
Tom Brady looks insanely jacked, having appeared in an online video this Thursday showing him sprinting through some grass.

The former NFL quarterback still looks to be in game shape at 46 years old, as he seems intent on keeping himself fit just in case he gets a certain phone call.

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl winner, recently admitted he would be open to an NFL return if a team wants to replace an injured QB late next season. The 46-year-old even named the teams he would want to play for.

His old team, the New England Patriots, was on his very short list, which isn’t surprising given that Bill Belichick is gone. The San Francisco 49ers, who tried their best to pull him out of retirement last year, were also named. Brady is trying to buy a minority share in the Las Vegas Raiders and wouldn’t mind playing for them if it came to that, but he did admit that the NFL owners might not be so open to allowing him back on the field if he becomes an owner.

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In any case, the former signal-caller is staying ready and showed a bit of it off in a clip this week.

Check it out below:

Everyone knows bro wants to play football again, he gotta save everyone the suspense and just come back,” one fan wrote.

Tom Brady’s Former Teammate Calls Cap

Julian Edelman, who played with Tom Brady in New England, doesn’t believe the former superstar will actually return to the NFL.

That whole thing with the interview, I saw it. The wording was if someone got hurt late in the season, do you think you can do it? And Tom’s a confident guy. He definitely thinks he can go do it. Is he gonna do it? I don’t think so. Probably not,” Edelman told FOX News in an interview.

However, the former Super Bowl MVP admitted that TB might be tempted to return to get some separation from Patrick Mahomes in the GOAT conversation.

Patrick Mahomes is coming up on him, maybe Tom comes back and sneaks another Super Bowl to separate himself,” he offered.

Brady already has another job lined up and is expected to take over main commentary duties at FOX Sports next season. But he probably has the network nervous, given his recent comments.