Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce laughingJason Kelce and Travis Kelce (Photo via @jennaxkc/Twitter)
Jason Kelce and his brother Travis had some very good things to say about Harrison Butker heading into the weekend, although they made it clear they did not necessarily agree with the comments he made.

The brothers discussed Butker’s polarizing statement on Friday, with Travis, who is teammates with Harrison on the Kansas City Chiefs, showing support for the under-fire kicker.

“I cherish him as a teammate. I think Pat said it best where he is every bit of a great person and a great teammate,” he said on their ‘New Heights‘ podcast. “He’s treated friends and family that I’ve introduced to him with nothing but respect and kindness. And that’s how he treats everyone.”

Jason agreed, offering that differing opinions and beliefs are really what make life what it is. But then he decided to joke about his wife, Kylie.

“My wife was a little frustrated with some of the comments,” he quipped. “Initially, I said, ‘You’re going to need to go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich. I’m listening to the game right now.’” 

Check it out below:

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Jason Kelce Was In Now Way Being Serious

Of course, he was making light of Butker’s suggestion that women should be homemakers. Travis, who was beside himself with laughter, hated that his brother had messed up their momentum.

“We were doing so good,” he said. “We were killing it. You’re ridiculous.”   

If perhaps you think there’s a chance Jason Kelce may have been serious, he wasn’t. Anyone who’s watched the podcast would know it was just him having fun, plus he and Kylie always praise each other publicly.