Photo of Tom Brady in suit and photo of Travis Hunter dancingTom Brady and Travis Hunter (Photos via Getty Images)
Tom Brady caught a funny stray at the photo shoot for EA Sports’ upcoming ‘College Football 25’ video game courtesy of Travis Hunter.

The Colorado wide receiver/cornerback is one of the cover athletes for the highly anticipated title, joining Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers and Michigan running back Donovan Edwards.

Hunter let fans in on some behind-the-scenes footage from Dallas’ Cotton Bowl. He posted a video to his YouTube channel showing over 30 minutes of cool content, including the shots that didn’t make it to the cover and other promotional bits.

He took a blatant swipe at Brady’s “Deflategate” saga at one point after Ewers threw him an under-inflated ball, joking that it was a “Tom Brady ball.”

“Oh yeah, that’s that Tom Brady ball for sure,” he said. “That’s a Tom Brady ball, it’s flat.”

Check it out below:

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Travis Hunter Shouldn’t Be Old Enough To Know About “Deflategate”

Tom Brady was suspended for four games in 2016 after the NFL determined that he knew the Patriots were illegally deflating game balls for him. He just admitted as much during his roast on Netflix.

While Hunter was only 12 years old when the scandal occurred, he’s very well aware of one of the biggest NFL controversies of the 2010s. It’s also likely he tuned into the roast, which Brady has since said he regrets.

The video game is set to launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on July 19. A trailer was also released on Friday.

Hunter, one of the first high-profile athletes to opt into the game, is headed into his second year with Colorado and is projected to be a high first-round draft pick in 2025. He will hope to play as much as he can on both sides of the ball, which hopefully won’t be a “Tom Brady” one.