Alina Thyregod posing for the camera and Caleb Williams with his girlfriend at the NFL Draft.

Caleb Williams and his girlfriend Alina Thyregod (Photos via Instagram and Getty Images)
Caleb Williams showed up to the NFL Draft with a mystery blonde woman on Thursday night.

She has since been identified as Alina Thyregod.

Caleb Williams’ girlfriend, who appeared in a video with the quarterback earlier this year that (sort of) went under the radar, has shared another clip to social media showing their preparation ahead of the mega-event.

The TikTok video, captioned “Draft day,” can be seen below:

Williams is now the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, with the team moving on from Justin Fields, who has been traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Bears also drafted punter Tory Taylor in the fourth round. According to Dov Kleiman, Williams has reached out to his new teammate to tell him he won’t have much work to do.

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Caleb Williams Will Be Wearing A New Number In The NFL

Meanwhile, the new Bears star is poised to undergo a number change. He wore the No. 13 at USC but will switch to No. 18 out of respect to Keenan Allen.

I went away from 13 because there’s a 13-year vet here, Hall of Famer, named Keenan Allen,” he explained after the draft, having spoken to the ‘Parkins & Spiegel Show.’ “It was a quick and easy talk. I just asked him what is he gonna do. – I didn’t discuss or fight about it. I have respect for, like I said, 13-year vet. That’s how that went down.”

Moving away from the number might be best for him as it’s considered unlucky. Plus, the Chicago Bears are thought to have a quarterback curse, having failed to develop a franchise quarterback for as long as anyone can remember.

They have also never had a QB touch 4,000 passing yards in a single season, so the new guy will have his work cut out for him on several fronts.