Photo of Keeta Vaccaro taking a selfie and photo of Tyreek Hill in Dolphins gear

The real reason Tyreek Hill tried divorcing his wife has been revealed.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver tied the knot back in November, marrying Keeta Vaccaro. But shocking news of an impending divorce hit the web last month, less than three months after the star wideout read his vows.

The news came as the result of Hill filing for a dissolution of his marriage but he immediately denied it. It appears he didn’t count on the documents being searchable online.

Anyhoo, Hill has since explained what happened, blaming someone who worked for him for jumping the gun, and also claiming to fire them.

“Now a lot of people been in my business lately, me and Kee’s business,” he said. “And I just gotta say that it sucks, a lot of our stuff is public record, but behind closed doors a lot of people got fired too for just doing things without our yes.

“It sucks that me and my wife gotta go through that. Like yeah, public records says it and right now we’re in a spot of fixing it. I fired the F -ing bonehead that did that mistake. Now it sucks.”

According to MTO, the Dolphins WR decided it was time to call it quits after Keeta refused to sign a postnuptial agreement, which is basically a prenup, only it happens after you’ve jumped the broom instead of before.

“Media Take Out just learned that one insider is claiming that Tyreek filed to divorce Keeta because she refused to sign a postnuptial agreement,” the report reads.

“A postnuptial agreement is an agreement between spouses about protecting each other’s interest in community assets in case of divorce. These agreements can dictate how to distribute assets, provide ongoing financial support, determine who’s responsible for debts and address other similar issues.”

Well, there’s something…

As to whether it’s true or not, we have no idea. But it begs the question: why not just go with a prenup?