Travis Kelce gives brilliant answer on if he’ll PROPOSE to Taylor Swift in Las Vegas if Kansas City Chief win the Super Bowl this weekend

Travis Kelce gives brilliant answer on if he'll PROPOSE to Taylor Swift in Las Vegas if Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl this weekend

Andy Reid has offered some relationship advice to NFL player Travis Kelce-and it’s really pretty simple. The Kansas City Chiefs coach was asked during a press conference earlier this week if he’s provided the Chiefs tight end with any tips amid Kelce’s whirlwind romance with pop star Taylor Swift.


Travis Kelce deflects question about a possible engagement to Taylor Swift "No engagement for now, we are..."

The Swift-Kelce relationship has been a topic of interest among NFL and Swift fans alike ever since the “Anti-Hero” singer began attending Chiefs games last fall in support of Kelce. When asked by a reporter during a Feb. 5 press conference if he’s shared any words of wisdom with Kelce regarding his relationship, Reid had a short and sweet response. “Treat her like a queen,” Reid said.

The Chiefs have now made it to the biggest game of the NFL season, which is taking place on Feb. 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The Chiefs and their 2024 Super Bowl rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, arrived in Vegas earlier this week and are spending the final days before the big game preparing-and occasionally addressing media questions at press conferences.


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This will be the Chiefs’ fourth Super Bowl-and second against the 49ers-in five years. The Chiefs won last year in a close game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and also defeated the 49ers back in 2020. Swift is expected to attend Super Bowl LVIII, though many of her fans were initially worried whether she’d be able to make it, since she has a concert for her international Eras Tour in Tokyo on Feb. 10. However, the Japanese Embassy in the U.S. has assured fans that the “Lover” songstress will have plenty of time to make the journey.

While Swift’s relationship with Kelce began last summer, she’s actually known his coach for much longer. As Reid told reporters previously, he’s known Swift’s family since the early 2000s when he was coaching the Eagles. Learning that he’d known Swift longer “was the last thing Trav wanted to hear,” Reid said jokingly.

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