Travis and Jason Kelce‘s mom, Donna Kelce, was a special guest on a primetime episode of CBS’ long-running game show ‘The Price is Right’ on Wednesday.

A Super Bowl-themed episode dubbed ‘The Price is Right at Night’ brought Mama Kelce onto the stage to help present prizes and play the spin the show’s signature wheel.

Introducing their mother were Jason and Travis Kelce.

Donna Kelce’s first appearance was to introduce the bidding prize of ‘The Ultimate Fan Experience’.

The winner got free hotels, flights, rides and tickets to every game of their favorite team next season.


Kelce was part of a Super Bowl-themed episode of ‘The Price is Right’ that aired Wednesday

Kelce has been a popular figure since her sons, Travis and Jason, have played in the NFL

‘We wanted to welcome a very special woman to “The Price is Right,”‘ Travis said to begin the cameo.

‘That’s right, from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, the first lady of football, America’s mom, and also our mom, and more importantly, the woman whose dinner rolls belong in the Showcase Showdown…’ Jason followed.

‘Donna Kelce! Come on down!’ Travis finished.

‘Come on Down!’ has been the signature phrase for the show for several decades, inviting a contestant from the audience to come near the stage to participate in the show.

Donna’s status has skyrocketed over the last year thanks to a Chiefs vs Eagles Super Bowl

‘The Price is Right’ has been a daytime staple for CBS since 1956, with the current iteration airing without interruption since 1972.

Contestants bid on the price of certain items to the nearest dollar without going over. Whichever player comes the closest, wins.

The show ends with someone winning the ‘Showcase Showdown’, which is a head-to-head bid on different packages of prizes like trips, cars, and electronics.

Kelce spun the show’s infamous wheel, getting 85 cents out of a possible dollar, thanks to a little help from the show’s host, Drew Carey.

CBS will broadcast Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the San Francisco 49ers. Donna’s youngest son, Travis, plays for Kansas City.