The highly anticipated third Deadpool flick promises to deliver an entertaining experience without the pressure of catching up on previous Marvel projects.

“This movie is built for entertainment”: Deadpool & Wolverine Director Vows to Break a Major Marvel Trend That’s Killing the MCU in the Long Runcredit : wikimedia commons

Have you ever felt the crushing burden of having to catch up on a vast universe of MCU films just to enjoy the latest blockbuster? Well, according to the director of Deadpool & Wolverine, viewers don’t need to watch previous flicks to understand the upcoming Ryan Reynolds starrer.


Shawn Levy, 55, appears to have boldly promised to end a long-running trend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has plagued fans for years. With a commitment to making Deadpool 3 an exhilarating standalone hit, Levy ensured that this film is designed for pure “entertainment”, removing the need for audiences to do extensive research.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & WolverineRyan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine
Following the enormous box office success of the first two flicks, Deadpool swiftly gained popularity, and fans were eager to see the Merc with a Mouth join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Reynolds as the star, co-writer, and co-producer, Levy is helming the flick for the third time.

Deadpool & Wolverine Director Promises a Refreshing Change for the MCU

Are you sick of having to watch every single Marvel flick in order to follow the ever-expanding plot threads and grasp the nuances of the story? Fortunately, the acclaimed director Shawn Levy (Big Fat Liar, Night at the Museum) is here to turn things around.

Ryan Reynolds in Shawn Levy's Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]Ryan Reynolds in Shawn Levy’s Deadpool & Wolverine [Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]
In a recent interview with The Associated Press, the Canadian film director, 55, explained why his upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine is intended to be as approachable as possible:

“I was a good student in school. I’ll do my homework as an adult. But I am definitely not looking to do homework when I go to the movies. I very much made this film with certainly a healthy respect and gratitude towards the rabid fan base that has peak fluency in the mythology and lore of these characters and this world. But I didn’t want to presume that.”

It is a refreshing change while also welcoming casual moviegoers who simply want to join in the fun without having to do their “prior research”: The Oscar-nominated director further added:


“This movie is built for entertainment, with no obligation to come prepared with prior research.”

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DefinitelyLevy’s promise is music to the ears of casual moviegoers who might feel intimidated by the daunting task of catching up on years of Marvel lore.

Deadpool & Wolverine: Director’s Game-Changing Announcement

Shawn Levy. | Credit: Gaga Skidmore - Wikimedia Commons.Shawn Levy | Credit: Gaga Skidmore – Wikimedia Commons
The upcoming superhero threequel will differ from its first two entries, according to Deadpool & Wolverine director Shawn Levy. In an interview with Screen Rant, Levy explained why the third Deadpool flick should not be considered “Deadpool 3”.

Having said that, he confirmed that the upcoming MCU flick was made to set itself apart from the first two Deadpool movies. To quote him:


“As far as crafting the Deadpool & Wolverine story, I just felt privileged every day because you’re talking about two massive movie stars in their most iconic roles. It also gave me an opportunity. It’s the third Deadpool movie, but it’s not Deadpool 3.

The upcoming July release, according to the director, also made no attempt to “copy” anything from its earlier first two flicks.

“It’s a different thing that’s very much Deadpool & Wolverine. And it’s not trying to copycat anything from the first two movies. They were awesome, but this is a two-hander character adventure.”

Levy is helming the first R-rated MCU film, which is based on a screenplay co-written by Ryan Reynolds, Zeb Wells, Paul Wernick, and Rhett Reese. The Free Guy star and Hugh Jackman, who are reprising their beloved roles as Wade Wilson/Deadpool and Logan/Wolverine, respectively, are leading the ensemble cast.

Anyway, whether you’re a hardcore Marvel aficionado or a casual moviegoer, Levy’s promise of entertainment without the burden of prior knowledge is sure to be a welcome change.


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Deadpool & Wolverine is arriving in theaters on July 26, 2024.

Meanwhile, you can stream Deadpool Deadpool 2 on Disney Plus.