After his Batman fan-casting, Marvel fans have found the perfect X-men for Alan Ritchson to play that is too good to ignore.

"They better hurry before Gunn hires him": Forget About Batman, Alan Ritchson is the Perfect Choice to Face Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in MCU as This X-Men

Alan Ritchson has become a favorite of comic book fans ever since he broke into the scene with his incredible Jack Reacher portrayal in the hit Prime Video series. Not only is the actor incredibly humble and down-to-earth, but it is his physicality that draws a lot of fans.


Alan RitchsonAlan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Reacher
Thanks to his 1.91 m tall height and incredibly chiseled physique, the actor has been fan-cast in several roles. While Batman is one of the top choices of fans, he has also been fan-cast as Green Lantern, Hawkman, and even He-Man. While the actor did once show interest in portraying the Dark Knight, Marvel fans have found another perfect role for him that is too good to ignore.

Marvel Fans Fan-Cast Alan Ritchson as This X-Men & It Is Perfect!

Sabertooth is the arch-nemesis of Wolverine.

Sabertooth is the arch-nemesis of Wolverine (Image: Marvel Comics)
Comic Book superheroes, and even villains, are often depicted as having incredible physiques and are generally tall, something that Alan Ritchson already has along with his fine good looks. So, there are several comic book roles that Ritchson can portray and fans have made it their pastime to fan cast him in such roles.
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While he is a popular choice of the DC fandom, Marvel fans too have found a befitting X-Men for him to play that can even battle Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine in the MCU. As per fans, Ritchson is the perfect choice to portray the new live-action version of Sabertooth aka Victor Creed

The sworn enemy of Wolverine, as well as the X-Men, has already made his live-action debut and is also expected to show up in the soon-to-be-released, Deadpool & Wolverine. Yet with the doors of the multiverse wide open, Ritchson can play one or the other iteration of the popular Marvel comics character.

The rivalry between Victor Creed and Logan in the comics is iconic, and as Jackman has returned as Wolverine in the MCU, it would be apt for him to clash with a Sabertooth his own size before saying goodbye to his character forever. And for Ritchson who has already lost the opportunity of being Thor in the MCU once, he can have the perfect opportunity to play a Marvel character as iconic as Sabertooth.


Fans Want Marvel To Cast Alan Ritchson As Sabertooth

Alan Ritchson as Jack ReacherAlan Ritchson (in Reacher) would be a great choice to play Sabertooth

While Hugh Jackman’s stay in the MCU as Wolverine looks difficult since the actor has already stated that he won’t be playing the role for long, having Alan Ritchson as Sabertooth might change his mind. Known for his physical prowess and acting genius, Ritchson’s strong and imposing physical presence is enough for him to be cast as Sabertooth.
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Not only does he resemble the X-Men physically, but he also has a huge fan appeal, which makes him perfect to be cast in such a role. Hence fans have been demanding that the actor should be cast as Sabertooth before James Gunn ropes him in to play the Dark Knight.

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— Alexander Nevermind (@AlexNever347) April 20, 2024

They better hurry before Gunn hires him to be the new Batman.

— J-Money (@jturner66) April 20, 2024

Love this but I if he got cast as sabertooth I would really want to see a lot more of sabertooth in films or shows

— Joseph K. Garcia III (@RedHoodHooligan) April 20, 2024


Go on..

— GreGor (@GreGor_2424) April 20, 2024

As fans campaign for him to be cast as Sabertooth or the plethora of other comic book characters, the actor himself has made no comments. Meanwhile, even if Jackman does not return as Wolverine, we already have Henry Cavill as his perfect replacement.

And if Marvel Studios does pay heed to the fans, maybe we can get to see the two Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare co-stars engaged in an epic battle as Wolverine and Sabertooth!


Jackman will be next seen as Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine on 26 July 2024, while Ritchson’s Reacher can be streamed on Amazon Prime.