According to Mirror, the relationship between King Charles and Harry recently improved, after the Duke of Sussex called to celebrate his father’s 75th birthday.

Sources say the Sussexes are likely to be invited to attend Christmas with the British Royal Family at Sandringham.

However, Omid Scobie ‘s book Endgame released last week breaks it all down. Information about people doubting the skin color of Prince Archie (Harry’s son) caused a stir in the British Royal Family.

Currently, the Dutch translation of Endgame was pulled from shelves due to naming two members of the British Royal Family as racists.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe commented that the book could not have come at a worse time for Harry and Meghan Markle.

“There is huge pressure on Harry to stay away from the book. I think the Sussexes don’t want to get involved in Endgame because they need to reconnect with the British Royal Family.

But accidentally or intentionally, Harry is still dragged into it, causing this to happen.” That became the Sussexes’ worst nightmare,” the expert said.

Duncan Larcombe commented that the British Royal Family being accused of racism once again made Charles and William uncomfortable. It remains unclear whether Buckingham Palace will hold Harry responsible for this.

Despite the apparent tension between the king and Harry, sources say King Charles still holds out hope of reconciliation with his son. The king was heartbroken by the new noise of the British Royal Family but did not want to cut off relations with his son.

“The king does not want to give up Harry, Archie, Lilibet and even Meghan Markle. After all, he is still the father and grandfather of the Sussex family. This is also a difficult time for King Charles. The accusations in the book, no matter what, are Harry – Meghan’s confirmation or not is causing trouble for the image of Buckingham Palace,” the source added.

The British royal family is facing a crisis when author Omid Scobie wrote in the book that two members had concerns about the skin color of Prince Archie (son of Harry and Meghan Markle).

In the English version, the names of the two senior figures are not mentioned. However, MC Piers Morgan directly named the head of England, saying he read it in the Dutch version of Endgame .

Omid Scobie also blamed the translation department and the publisher’s confusion. He also denied intentionally naming racist members of the British Royal Family to sell books.

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Source: New York Post