Prince Harry is reportedly considering a definitive departure from the British Royal Family following prolonged familial tensions, sources suggest. This move culminate after his visit to the United Kingdom for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, an event he founded and actively supports.

The strains between Prince Harry and his family, particularly with his brother Prince William, reportedly have deep roots extending back to their childhood. The situation reportedly intensified following his marriage to Meghan Markle, who has faced discriminatory actions from within the royal establishment, allegedly due to her biracial heritage.

A pivotal moment in this ongoing saga occurred after the games, when Harry returned to U.S.A and then went with Meghan on an ‘unofficial’ visit, which seemed like a Royal Family activity, a thing that has incredibly angered King Charles III and the heir to the throne Prince William. This action is believed to have solidified for them to remove him completely.

Tom Quinn, a royal expert, commented to The Mirror on the eviction’s impact, stating, “It was the last straw for the family,” highlighting the depth of the rupture it caused.


The upcoming Invictus Games, scheduled for May 8 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, are anticipated to be more than just a celebratory event but may also serve as Prince Harry’s symbolic farewell to his royal past. The significance of this visit is compounded by his ongoing legal challenges and the potential renunciation of his royal titles if he pursues U.S. citizenship. According to U.S. immigration law, any foreign titles or positions of nobility must be renounced as a condition of naturalization, underscoring the choices Harry faces in his quest for American citizenship.

This development could mark a significant turning point for Prince Harry, distancing him further from the Royal Family and the obligations that come with his birthright.