From close friends, the Sussexes and the Beckhams seem to no longer be in contact. According to the royal biographer, the source of the broken relationship came from Meghan Markle.

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The Sussexes and the Beckhams are no longer friends. Photo: Marca.

At the end of July, an anonymous insider revealed to The Mail on Sunday that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s friendship with the Beckhams had ended. The reason is said to be that David and Beckham were angry because the estranged royal couple accused them of leaking their private life secrets. The two families argued over the phone and have since stopped contacting each other.

However, the noise behind the two famous couples fighting each other does not stop there. Tom Bower, a British writer who has written many biographical books about the Royal Family and famous British figures, claimed that the deep source of the separation of the friendship came from Meghan Markle.

In an article published in The Sun (UK) on May 8, Mr. Bower affirmed that Prince Harry kept his distance from David Beckham because Meghan did not want competition in the media. The 77-year-old biographer also said that the former American actor did not like the former football player’s friendship with her husband, Prince William.

Additionally, according to author Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors , the Duchess was disappointed by Victoria’s reluctance to sponsor her free clothes and accessories.

It happened at Invictus Games 2018

For a long time, the Beckham couple has been known to have a good relationship with the British Royal family. In the years before meeting Meghan, Harry interacted with David many times at celebrity events and other social functions.

The young prince likes to joke around with the world’s most famous football players in restaurants or pubs.

Because David played an important role in bringing the 2012 Olympics to England, and also had a significant impact in the unsuccessful effort to win the right to host the 2010 World Cup, Harry asked David to join him in the Invictus Games – Sports competition for wounded and sick soldiers – is easy to understand.

The invitation was given by Harry at his and Meghan’s wedding in Windsor in May 2018. As someone who loves the British Royal Family, David never refuses such an important request.

However, in October of the same year, after flying 22 hours from London (UK) to Sydney (Australia) at Harry’s request, the father of four fell into a confused situation because he was warmly welcomed by the organizers but I never saw the red-haired prince’s face once.

David continuously asked questions to the core leaders of the competition: “Where is he?” When will I meet him? Unfortunately, Harry has no plans to meet the former captain of the England national football team, and does not even want to stand in the same frame as him.

According to Mr. Bower, the reason for keeping an unusual distance is Meghan. She didn’t want to be overshadowed by David in the media.

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Harry refused to meet Beckham during the 2018 Invictus Games even though he was the one who invited the former player. Photo: Harpersbazaar.

The Duchess of Sussex’s attitude

The journey to Australia is Meghan’s first overseas trip as Duchess of Sussex. Exposing and meeting crowds of people cheering on sporting events helped Meghan strengthen her belief that she is the new Princess Diana of the British Royal Family. Attention was even more focused on the Suits star when she announced she was pregnant with her first child.

However, in contrast to that harmonious image, a gloomy atmosphere pervades the Sussexes’ residence in Sydney. Meghan is said to have shouted at staff and even thrown a cup of tea into the air. Social networks are full of hateful comments targeting Harry and Meghan due to the noise that the beauty born in 1981 bullied staff in London. Even though Meghan denied it, the public didn’t seem to trust her at all.

“In a bad mood, it seems she was unwilling to accept anything flattering regarding Beckham and the sports competition that appeared in the media,” Mr. Bower wrote.

Meanwhile, at the house the Beckham family rented while in Sydney, David and Victoria barely mentioned being ignored by Harry. Although it felt a bit strange, David didn’t want to dig deeper and didn’t call Harry.

However, the famous couple was truly shocked by Meghan’s attitude. The Beckham family always treated Meghan generously even before she became a royal bride.

According to the veteran biographer, the public did not know that when Meghan returned to Los Angeles from London before getting married, she stayed in Beckham’s luxurious six-bedroom house in Beverly Hills. The reason is to avoid paparazzi.

She was received thoughtfully, did not have to pay any expenses, all needs were met by the Beckhams’ staff. David and Victoria Beckham even denied any suspicions about Meghan taking advantage of her new status.

Not stopping there, after Meghan moved to Kensington Palace (UK) in 2017, the former Spice Girls member also enthusiastically gave makeup advice to her new friend. She also sent staff to help Harry’s fiancee take care of her facial skin and hair.

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The Beckhams attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding but were not invited to the party. Photo: Getty Images.

Victoria’s help was reported by The Sun a few weeks later. Sensitive to the media’s scrutiny of her turbulent past, Meghan was indignant. She called to question Beckham and his wife. At first, David was very embarrassed, but after talking to his wife, he denied the information was leaked from his family. However, Meghan still felt deeply hurt.

TV images of the Beckhams arriving at St George’s Chapel for Harry and Meghan’s wedding showed Victoria keeping a cold face, and David chewing gum with an indifferent expression. They were not invited to the wedding dinner.

Royal experts say this is an almost unforgivable insult because many of the invited Hollywood stars are not friends of the Sussexes. Despite being treated coldly, David still accepted the invitation to attend the 2018 Invictus Games. Unfortunately, Harry used the rejection to repay David’s goodwill.

Before the trip to Sydney, new conflicts arose between Meghan and Victoria. Meghan wanted Victoria to provide her with luxury clothes and accessories from her own fashion brand for free, even though this request was against Palace rules.

A few years ago, as an unknown actress in Canada, Meghan created a lifestyle website called The Tig. The success of her blog brought her many benefits, including free products from top brands like Hermes in exchange for handbag advertising. Of course, fame is not enough, making it difficult for Meghan to create connections with high-end fashion houses. However, when she became a royal member, Meghan was confident that luxury brands would find ways to cooperate with her, including Victoria Beckham.

However, Victoria doesn’t think so. According to the rules of the British Royal Family, giving away expensive clothes for free is not allowed. The 7X fashion designer did not want to disturb the Palace. From then on, friction arose between the two women.

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Meghan wore a dress and bag designed by Victoria. Photo: Shutterstock.

In the end, Victoria compromised first. Although the relationship cooled after the trip to Sydney, the loss of business made the mother of four eager to promote her clothes.

Before Christmas 2018, she agreed to lend Meghan a navy blue coat. The Duchess wore it on Christmas Day when she accompanied the Royal Family to church at Sandringham in Norfolk. Unfortunately, Victoria was disappointed because sales did not improve.

In 2019, Victoria produced a bespoke white coat and dress for Meghan, then pregnant, to wear to her final appearance at Westminster Abbey in March 2020. However, during that period Meghan’s reputation was declining and Victoria’s advertising strategy was not as successful as expected. Victoria’s only consolation was that the bag worth 1,400 pounds ($1,783) that Meghan used was “sold out”, but that was not enough to solve the crisis.

In the years that followed, as the Sussexes poisoned their own image in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, a Netflix series and a memoir, the royalist Beckhams decisively distanced themselves from their old friends.

Meghan’s thoughts

Ten months before their unhappy breakup in Sydney, Meghan and Victoria had every reason to become inseparable.

Both are professional, dynamic, ambitious and independent women. As a fashionista, Meghan should have been convinced by Victoria’s bold efforts in building her own brand and business.

They are also neighbors in Oxfordshire (England), and are both part of the celebrity world.

However, while Harry and David occasionally see each other on weekends, Meghan has her own thoughts. She felt she had little in common with Victoria and did not see the benefit of establishing a friendship with the world-admired couple.

Meghan did not have much sympathy for Britain before marrying Harry. Even after moving to the foggy country, she did not give in to narrow the cultural gap. Victoria’s British self-satire makes no sense for a woman who wants to brush aside her past.

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Meghan did not like being associated with the Beckham family and Harry indulged his wife. Photo: Getty Images.

Another sticking point for Meghan is David’s friendship with Prince William. Since working together to find a way to bring the World Cup to England in 2010, the two have formed a good relationship. The Sussexes do not like this connection because they always feel unfair about the status and wealth that William and Kate have.

Meghan once consoled herself that as a future member of the British Royal Family, she would surpass Victoria. But in a world of celebrities who only care about money, lifestyle and ostentation, the Beckhams have more – private jets, yacht invitations and money.

Mr. Bower assessed that Meghan’s ignoring the Beckham family was a lack of vision. The influence of the Beckham Brand has never diminished over the past 20 years. The Welsh family are the beneficiaries of this longtime friend.

In December 2022, David Beckham flew from Qatar to Boston (USA) to celebrate the Earthshot Prize with William and Kate.

That same day, Harry and Meghan attended the Ripple of Hope Award Gala of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization in New York. They planned this schedule for months in the hope of attracting more public attention to their charity work.

To their dismay, in the American and world media, David’s kiss on Kate’s cheek overshadowed the Sussex family’s thoughtful plans. Of course, Princess Kate’s brilliance is also an important factor that makes Meghan fade.

“Meghan would do better if she imitated Victoria instead of pushing her away,” the British writer declared.

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David and Princess Kate had a cheek kiss greeting that caused international media fever at the end of 2022. Photo: WireImage.