The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have concluded a highly successful three-day tour of Nigeria

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just completed a private tour of Nigeria

King Charles will use back channels to prevent Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from conducting future royal tours, a royal expert claims.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have concluded a highly successful three-day tour of Nigeria, where they were invited to promote the Invictus Games in the West African country

During their visit, Harry and Meghan engaged with various dignitaries, visited schools in Abuja, the capital, and discussed mental well-being along with Meghan’s Nigerian heritage. It has been confirmed that the couple has already scheduled additional international tours in the style reminiscent of royal visits following their triumphant experience in Nigeria.

But royal expert and author Tom Quinn told The Mirror he believes Charles and William are furious with Harry’s decision to carry out unofficial royal tours and fear it could improve the Duke and Duchess’ image with the public.

“King Charles is in a terrible bind – he would love to strip Meghan and Harry of their royal titles, but fears this will look vindictive. On the other hand, he has to find a way to put a stop to any future trips by Harry and Meghan to other commonwealth countries. That has now become his number one priority,” he explained.

“King Charles will use back channels to try to block any further invitations to the wayward couple, but that will prove very difficult. The ultimate fear for King Charles and William is that Meghan’s rebelliousness actually ends up making her more appealing than the understated members of official team royal.’

“That’s why she always makes a point of holding Harry’s hand for the cameras, something she knows William and Kate would never do,” Tom claimed.

While Harry and Meghan have won over the public with their poignant tour of Nigeria, Buckingham Palace are reportedly up in arms over the couple’s plans to travel to countries within the Commonwealth.

“But after Nigeria one thing is certain: huge efforts will go into changing the way the royal family deals with its role in the Commonwealth. Steps have already been taken via official channels to try to lessen the chance that other Commonwealth countries invite Meghan and Harry to visit,” Tom added.