The bigger they are; the harder they fall. 50 Cent Exposes Beyonce For Being Even Worse Than Jay Z – She Set Jay Z Up To Take The Fall

The bigger they are; the harder they fall. 50 Cent Exposes Beyonce For Being Even Worse Than Jay Z – She Set Jay Z Up To Take The Fall

50 Cent Exposes Beyonce For Being Even Worse Than Jay Z | She Set Jay Z Up To Take The Fall

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If y’all thought that we had heard the last about the situation with Jay Z and Beyonce, chile, you need to hop on this drama, because 50 Cent finally gave his two cents about this situation, and it looks like we have had the situation backward.

Beyoncé: Biography, Musician, Singer, Grammy Winner

Y’all know how people have been coming for Jay Z and accusing him of being a manipul@tor who has been allegedly forcing Beyonce into doing some pretty bad stuff?

Well, 50 Cent is coming out to reveal just how wrong we were about this, saying that not only is Beyonce as bad as Jay Z, but she is even worse, and he gave some shocking examples of her alleged activities.

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But he didn’t stop there, because he also revealed how Beyonce is trying to make Jay Z take the fall for their messy actions, by divorcing him, setting him up for failure, and then throwing him under the bus.

Baby, there’s a lot we need to unpack here, because 50 Cent just spilled the craziest tea. Uhh… is this why Jay Z has been desperately professing his love for Beyonce in the past couple of weeks?

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