Princess Catherine has been ruled out of attending a high-profile event next month following speculation about her return to work in the latest statement from Buckingham Palace.

Confirmed that Princess Catherine will not be taking part in rehearsals due to a fall in color for a week’s time as she continues to need care to get back on track. Traditionally the rehearsal on June 8 while the prince returns to public duties has not been announced by Kensington Palace that she has been spotted in recent weeks and she will appear if completely confirmed by the doctors. The role of inspection officer normally held by her will instead be performed by James Bucknall.

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Confusion follows statement confirming attendance at event without consulting Kensington Palace. It remains unclear whether the princess will attend the official birthday celebration on June 15 although her lack of affection and the nostalgia she evokes from the public is clearly evident. Especially on important occasions such as the carnival of colors where her presence is highly anticipated, many people had hoped that Catherine would return to the royal family during this year’s birthday celebrations of King Charles. Such a protest seems highly unlikely if she is prepared to attend.

It will be one of her first appearances of the year, while the king will take part in this year’s birthday parade called the Army of the Colors but will travel by carriage rather than on horseback. The king and queen will attend but it has not been confirmed whether Prince and Princess Catherine and their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will take part in the parade. In recent years, Princess Catherine has traveled in carriages with her children to watch the ceremony at the Horse Guards parade and five of their Ascot carriages are used every year for the procession of the Monarch during the meeting The Royal Family at Ascot is kept by the Royal Muse Palace.

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It was reported that the change to normal proceedings is in line with previous guidance from Buckingham Palace that the king’s return to public duty will be carefully considered in light of each of his commitments. individual with adjustments made. Attendance is expected to be the same as last year when only working members of the royal family were present, which means there will be no space on the balcony for family members including the royal family. Lord Eugene or Beatrice or the Duchess and Lady Edinburough, Louise Windsor and James Earl of Wessex.

She invited extended members of the royal family to watch the colorful military display held annually as the King’s official birthday even though it was Charles’s actual birthday which took place on November 14, it has been around for centuries and has been an annual event since 1760. King Charles’s official birthday parade will be held on June 15 and is one of the The biggest ceremony of the year.

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