Taylor Swift seпt a clear message iп jυst five words, sayiпg she woυld defiпitely “Taylor Swift’s Powerfυl Five-Word Message: Her Declaratioп to Marry Travis Kelce, Expressiпg He Meaпs Everythiпg to Her” Travis Kelce becaυse he meaпs everythiпg to her. The message is… – News

Taylor Swift sent a clear message in just five words, stating that she is definitely going to marry Travis Kelce because he means everything to her. The message was, “He’s my everything, forever love.”


Taylor Swift sent a clear message
I don’t think Taylor’s schedule is that bad, it’s basically just 3 weeks of touring with him being off 1 of those weeks, she’ll fly home in between, if they can’t handle that then what’s the point of all this. 

Then she’s off until he’s done, she could even in theory make the Super Bowl if the Chiefs get that far despite being in Japan the night before.They are two secure midish-thirties adults with careers.

They probably don’t need to be around each other all of the time, although I am sure it feels good to do so right now.

Some of the attention will die down eventually. It’s just a really nice love story in a time when there’s a lot of bad stuff in the media.

I’ve seen people talk about how it almost makes them feel patriotic. You can’t get much more of a quintessential American romance than the football legend and the pop star, both with strong families, both self-made, both hotter than hell and into each other, treating each other with an almost old school sweetness in public.

It’s Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe. Its the American David and Victoria Beckham. It’s being idealized to an extreme, I’m sure.

New love can be a beautiful, intoxicating thing, even for people just witnessing it.

They look happy. I hope they enjoy it and it works out. I don’t know enough about Swift to know if she is acting different than normal, but I’ve seen a different Kelce over the last few months.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ‘can’t wait to be a young couple for a little while, with no duties’


Taylor Swift can’t wait to spend quality time with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, after his big match at the Super Bowl Championship on February 12.

The lovebirds made it to the headlines with their adorable PDA after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

Several reports suggest the global music icon will cheer for her partner in the upcoming much-awaited NFL match.

Amid Swift and Kelce’s blossoming romance, celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman told The Mirror that the Lover singer ‘will show up to support his beau during the Super Bowl.’

While reading the Knight of Disks Tarot card for Swift, the expert said, “It says that for her, it’s a function. It’s not her favourite thing to do with him, and it’s not her least favourite thing to do – it’s just his job, and her being there and being filmed and photographed, is part of her job.”

Inbaal claimed that the Grammy Award winner artist “can’t wait until all the football is over, and they can be a fun, young couple for a little while, with no duties or commitments.”

For the unversed, Swift and Kelce have been romantically linked since September 2023.

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