Sydney Sweeney appears to have the possibility of her MCU debut.

Spider-Man 4: Sony Might Have Deliberately Made Sydney Sweeney’s MCU Debut Possible With 1 Minor Change Amid Ongoing Rumors

Following her appearance in Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney witnessed an unprecedented surge in opportunities coming her way. From Marvel movies to horror flicks, the actress is gradually turning into a Hollywood staple. Meanwhile, there appears another possible opportunity for Sweeney in the potential Spider-Man 4. 


Sydney SweeneySydney Sweeney in a still from Madame Web
While Sydney Sweeney is interested in joining the MCU, there seems a way for her Madame Web character to venture into Spider-Man 4. Sweeney’s appearance could come with a slight change to her character, or the actress might enter the MCU in a completely different role, since she is being fan-cast as Black Cat.

Sydney Sweeney’s Possibility of MCU Debut

After recently making her Marvel debut as Julia Cornwall, a.k.a. Spider-Woman in Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney now appears to have the opportunity to join the MCU. Despite the poor performance of Dakota Johnson’s movie, Sweeney might still have the opportunity to interact with other MCU heroes in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.
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Even Sydney Sweeney expressed her interest and excitement in joining MCU, during her interview with Stating that it would be “so cool” to reunite with her Euphoria co-star Zendaya in MCU, Sweeney looked forward to the opportunity. Meanwhile, the MCU appears to have an option that might turn Sweeney into a permanent part of the universe.
Sydney Sweeney as Julia CornwallSydney Sweeney as Julia Cornwall in Madame Web
Well, according to ScreenRant, it seems Sydney Sweeney could join the MCU followed by a slight change from her comic book origins. After Sony unnecessarily changed the name of Sweeney’s Spider-Woman character from Julia Carpenter to Julia Cornwall in the Madame Web, it seems the MCU can take back the actress in potential Spider-Man 4 by changing her name back to the original comic book character.
Sydney Sweeney in a still from Madame WebSweeney in a still from Madame Web
Although it’s unknown why Sony actually changed the same of Sydney Sweeney’s comic book character, from Carpenter to Cornwall, there seems to be a possibility for audiences to see the actress join her Euphoria co-star in the MCU, by switching her last name back to Carpenter.


Sydney Sweeney Fan Cast as Black Cat in MCU

Meanwhile, as Sydney Sweeney is making headlines for the potential Spider-Man 4 movie, the actress is also appearing in rumors surrounding her role as Black Cat. It seems fans are trying to find loopholes or opportunities for Sweeney to swoop into the MCU. Thereafter, amid the suggestions of switching her last name back to Carpenter, scoopers appear to have come up with casting rumors.
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The rumor originated after reputable leaker MyTimeToShineHello announced on X that Sydney Sweeney has landed the role of Black Cat in the upcoming Spider-Man 4. Reshared by Marvel Updates, the rumor was addressed by several media outlets. Considering people’s craze surrounding the actress’ casting, it seems the MCU should hire Sweeney already.


The actress is certainly perfect for the role, given her physical appearance, but we know that’s not the end of requirements. Given her experience in the industry and her phenomenal performance in Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney can undoubtedly bring the required level of energy and intensity to the MCU. She’d certainly be perfect for the role, and it’s not difficult to picture her as Felicia Hardy who runs circles around the hapless Peter Parker.