Small Victory For James Gunn’s DCU as Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ Beats One Marvel Movie as It Earns $1.6 Million More at Box Office

The DC Universe, currently led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, has been slowly gaining momentum with its movies recently, but there is one specific movie starred by Ezra Miller that has become the biggest failure for the production house.

The production company faced multiple controversies, particularly with its 2016 release of Suicide Squad, and struggled to recover with box office hits. However, DC Universe has recently seen some success with films like Wonder Woman and Shazam!

Even though the DC universe was experiencing a strong upward trend, one film ultimately contributed to its downfall. That film is none other than the just-released The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. Despite the movie’s box office failure, there is still some positive news for the filmmakers.

Reasons Ezra Miller’s Movie Struggled at the Box Office

Snapshot from The Flash by DC Universe starring Ezra Miller

Snapshot from The Flash by DC Universe starring Ezra Miller
The new Flash movie just made its way to release this year and we have many fans who have been talking about the movie, but it’s not about its success but infact it was about its complete flop!

When the movie first came out, a lot of fans claimed that the reason it wasn’t a success was because DC Universe couldn’t show off The Flash’s version, which was all about the fastest man alive exploring the multiverse.

Another reason which led to the failure of the movie was of course the ongoing controversies faced by Ezra Miller where the The Perks of Being a Wallflower star was accused by activist Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sara Jumping Eagle of grooming and manipulating their child Tokata Iron Eyes. However, this allegation was clarified later after Tokata stated that Miller provided her with “loving support and invaluable protection.

The accusations didn’t end there, as another Massachusetts-based parent also reported allegations of grooming against their child.

With the rising number of accusations about the star, many fans started demanding to remove Miller from the lead role.


The Flash Narrowly Escapes Being Lowest Grossing Superhero Film in History

Snapshot from The Flash Movie By DC UniverseSnapshot from The Flash Movie By DC Universe

Let’s start with the box office figures. The Flash was produced with a $200 million production budget, and it has now earned a total of $268.1 million worldwide, including USA and foreign box offices.

This means that the production company has more than recouped its costs, but what about the profits? Given that, The Flash is a superhero movie, just $68 Million is a fairly tiny sum.

To give you an idea, Avengers: Endgame, is the movie among the most expensive Marvel superhero film to date with a production budget of $350 to $400 million. However, the movie was estimated to have brought in a whopping $2.799 billion at the box office.

 Snapshot from Marvel's Incredible Hulk (2008) - Lowest Grossing Superhero movie in the historySnapshot from Marvel’s Incredible Hulk (2008) – Lowest Grossing Superhero movie in the history
Let’s not stick to Marvel alone! Even if we go with highest grossing DC movies, the previously released Aquaman was able to make a whooping $1.148 Billion compared to its anticipated production budget of less than $200 Million.

With these numbers, you could have seen the potential of a superhero movie! Now, If we consider each of these numbers, It appears that The Flash movie hasn’t been a huge success since its premiere.

The heads of DC Universe, including Gunn and Safran, appear to be relieved that their The Flash movie wasn’t a huge commercial failure even though it didn’t make a ton of money.

The movie’s box office revenue was compared with Louis Leterrier’s Incredible Hulk which made its way to release back in 2008.


The Incredible Hulk made close to $265.5 million in revenue. Even though the film’s estimated $150 million production budget was successfully met, it nevertheless ranks among the lowest-grossing superhero film at the box office in the last 15 years.

However, The Flash grossing around $268.1 million worldwide has just barely earned more than the lowest-ranked, The Incredible Hulk movie, has ever earned.

Source: Slashfilm

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