Shocking New Details Emerge On What Actually Caused Confrontation Between Kylie Kelce & Angry FanKylie Kelce (Photo via ABC News)
New details have emerged on the confrontation between Kylie Kelce and an angry female fan outside of a Margate City, New Jersey, restaurant.

Kylie Kelce and her husband, former Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce, were seen having dinner on Saturday night in Margate City. A viral video, initially posted by the “Word to the Wise” podcast on Instagram, shows an obnoxious fan berating Kylie for turning down her request for a picture.

As Jason uncomfortably looks on, another man tries to end the confrontation. The fan is heard telling Kylie Kelce that she won’t be allowed in their town ever again:

According to, the confrontation started when the woman saw the Kelce’s in the parking lot. The report states that the woman started “banging on” Kelce’s car window before asking for the picture.

When Jason (understandably) declined, the woman caused a scene that prompted Kylie to confront her. It was noted that the man who broke up the confrontation was also part of the Kelce’s party:

“As Jason’s famous car idled there, a women walked up to the famous Tesla truck and began banging on it to get Jason’s attention. K&J got out to find out what was going on. The women then asked for a photo with her family. He declined, it wasn’t a good time, and obviously banging on the nearly $100ks Tesla Truck is RUDE!! The women went ballistic after not getting her way. (BTW there is a video of her banging on the truck, I don’t have that one but I know several people who have seen it, can you imagine?? Also the man in the photo, was with the Kelce’s, he wasn’t manhandling her as someone commented)

Not one to shy away, Kylie defended their decision, as the women shouted the Kelce’s would never be welcomed in Margate again. The women got into Kylie’s face, and not one to shy away Kiley gave it right back to her, telling her to just shut up you’re embarrassing yourself as Kylie’s friend (in blue) encouraged her to break away and go into the restaurant.”

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Margate City Mayor Michael Collins apologized to Jason and Kylie Kelce and even offered them a free dinner if they returned to the city.

The Kelce’s deserve credit for handling the awkward and tense confrontation as well as they could. It’s another unfortunate reminder that some fans, including this woman, can’t respect the privacy of celebrities when they just want to live their lives out in public.

Kylie Kelce & Jason Kelce Are Preparing For A New Chapter

After an illustrious 13-year career with the Eagles that included two Super Bowl appearances and a Lombardi Trophy in the 2017 season, Jason announced his retirement from football in March.

It didn’t take long for him to find a new career, however. ESPN subsequently hired the perennial Pro Bowler to work on their “Monday Night Countdown” show that airs before every “Monday Night Football” game. Kelce took over the spot previously held by former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III.