Shaken to the core following the heinous Hainault sword attack, Richard Madeley didn’t hold back when interviewing Secretary of State for Business and Trade Kemi Badenoch.

Kemi Badenoch faced a fuming Richard Madeley during her appearance on Good Morning Britain this Wednesday (May 1, 2024).

In the wake of the sword attack in Hainault, north-east London, which resulted in the death of a 14-year-old boy, the Secretary of State for Business and Trade discussed the rise of knife crime in London, despite demands of stricter bans, with Richard and co-host Susanna Reid.

But much like during a previous interview with George Galloway, Richard, 67, was seething as he grilled Kemi, 44, demanding to know why the new law designed to ban zombie-style knives and machetes will only come into full force in September, 2024, particularly after the increase in knife-related attacks.

Kemi Badenoch faced a grilling on Good Morning Britain and viewers were stunned (
“Can we change the plan? Can we get out of that period?”, Richard asked but tension ran high when Kemi Badenoch wasn’t able to go into any further detail. “It seems to me to be fundamental common sense”, the host added, “why does it take somebody six months to get rid of a zombie knife? I don’t understand your thinking.”

Once again, Kemi Badenoch stood her ground, claiming she couldn’t “give those details” and directing the host to the Home Office, which led to Richard doubling down himself: “what does it take you guys to get your fingers out?”

In another breath, he lamented: “you’re saying might, if, possibly – look at what happened yesterday”, before accusing the government of “stalling.”

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The MP clash left viewers shocked, with many of them taking to X, formerly known as Twitter. Reactions were divided as one wrote: “Go on Richard, you tell Kemi what a poor excuse for government they are running, what a disingenuous excuse ridden response and trying to shift the conversation onto you offending her! Sick of toxic conservatives.”

Another quipped: “Richard Madeley and Kemi Badenoch having the mother of all rows on #gmb and I can’t work out who the biggest idiot is.” The heated exchange was entertaining to a third ITV amused viewer who chimed in with a GIF of DJ Khaled eating popcorn: “Richard Madeley and Kemi Bad-Enoch throwing verbal punches on GMB.”

“Kemi Badenoch is coming across like she’s out of her depth here on #GMB – if Richard Madeley is looking in the know then you know you f***** up”, another weighed in. One amazed TV watcher added: “WOW! Richard Madley giving Bad Enoch a hard time.”

Good Morning Britain viewers were already reeling following Tuesday’s instalment of the program after Susanna and Richard locked horns with controversial political figure George Galloway.

Faced with the outspoken personality, who boasts “hundreds” of candidates willing to sport the Workers Party label, the duo did all they could to ensure the interview ran smoothly but conflict was in the air from the get-go.

While Susanna demanded to know his reaction to a speech made by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Richard probed George Galloway about his past praise of war criminal Saddam Hussein.