Stefon Diggs looks on and a screenshot of the elevator footage during Darez Diggs' brutal attack.

Stefon Diggs and Darez Diggs during elevator attack. (Photos via Getty & TMZ)
Stefon Diggs’ brother, Darez, has received his punishment after he was caught on camera appearing to orchestrate an attack in an elevator.

Darez Diggs, the brother of Houston Texans star wide receiver Stefon Diggs and current Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, has been sentenced to two years probation for his involvement in a brutal elevator attack. He will also be required to perform 20 hours of community service.

The attack went down in Los Angeles in 2023 and was seemingly orchestrated by Darez.

The former XFL player was seen in footage from the L.A. apartment complex meeting a man outside of an elevator. The man was eventually identified as Christopher Griffith, and it appeared that they spoke briefly. With his hands, Darez is seen trying to stop the elevator doors from shutting while Griffith tries to depart.

Then, two other men, who seemed to be accompanying Darez, came into the elevator and started attacking Griffith. The former XFL star watched as Darez’s entourage beat and dragged the person across the floor.


Following Griffith’s dragging into the building’s lobby, Stefon Diggs’ brother and the other two attackers took personal items from the victim, which allegedly contained “diamonds and other jewelry,” police told TMZ Sports last year.

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Following their seizure of the bag, which was purportedly filled with goods valued at $100,000, they persisted in their assault on Griffith, who has filed a civil suit against Diggs, claiming “pain, suffering, and emotional distress.”

Stefon Diggs Has Not Spoken About His Brother As He Gets Set For First Season With The Texans

Stefon Diggs (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Stefon Diggs has not stated a single word publicly since his brother, Darez, was embroiled in a legal battle that ultimately made him avoid jail time.

Diggs is getting set to play his first and possibly only season with the Houston Texans after the Buffalo Bills traded him this offseason.