If anyone ever had a question about how tense things were when the Sussexes returned to London after their bombshell Oprah interview, the look on the Princess of Wales’ face in this video says it all.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to step down from royal duties and move to America, the public learned that the Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton) never had a good relationship.

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There’s the disputed story of who made who cry during a bridesmaid dress fitting, which Harry also wrote about in his memoir Spare. And what Meghan said in her Netflix docuseries about Kate not wanting to hug when they first met, and the duchess’s admission to Oprah Winfrey that photos of her and her sister-in-law laughing and smiling together were just for the cameras.

We never have and will never hear Kate’s side of the story, but there was a glimpse of how uncomfortable the princess felt to even be in the same place as Meghan when the Sussexes returned to the U.K. for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Video shows Prince William trying to comfort Kate when under the same roof as Meghan

Prince William and Kate Middleton attend the National Service of Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth II's reign at St. Paul's CathedralPrince William and Kate Middleton attend the National Service of Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth II’s reign at St. Paul’s Cathedral | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

The date was June 3, 2022, and the venue was St. Paul’s Cathedral in London where members of the royal family gathered to attend a service of Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign. Harry and Meghan had even made a 5,000-mile journey for the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

All eyes were on the Sussexes as it was the first time they would be in the same building with Prince William and Kate since making several allegations against the family in that Oprah interview.

Now, a video that has gone viral on X (formerly known as Twitter) shows Kate looking very somber and ready to shed tears as she stands in the same church as her sister-in-law. According to the video’s caption William, who was right by his wife’s side, decided to offer a few words of comfort to her.

The post reads: “Everyone always says the same thing about Prince William being so comforting to darling wife Catherine Princess of Wales.”

Kate caught on camera rolling her eyes when she turns and sees Meghan

But that wasn’t the only emotion cameras captured Kate displaying that day. Just before the service got underway, the princess actually turned her head around and rolled her eyes when she saw Meghan.

Several royals were reportedly bothered over the duke and duchess’s arrival that day as they didn’t stick to the plans laid out for them and made their own to ensure they had a stand-out moment. Anyone who watched the service will remember that Meghan and Harry processed through the nave of the church hand in hand before reaching their seats with the duchess smiling the entire time.

Commentator Lady Colin Campbell told GB News that the duo were purposely late for their transportation so they could make that grand entrance.

She said: “[The Sussexes] were supposed to be in the bus with all of the third-tier royals. And the reason why they were late for the appointed meeting at the Clarence House was to make sure that they would miss the bus so that they would appear later because you know processions are done in order of diminishing or increasing rank so the least important will go first and the most important will go last entering a building … They realized they had been lumped with the never-was royals so they decided they were going to be late and miss their slot.”