Prince William was in Durham for a royal visit today, where he reassured well-wishers about his wife Princess Kate’s health.

Prince William has issued a new update on Princess Kate’s health while on a royal visit in the north-east of England, after a fan in County Durham asked the Prince how his family were doing.

William was happily shaking hands and posing for selfies for those who had gathered to see him, as Julie Cain asked him: “Do you mind if I ask how your wife and children are?”

The future King replied in a reassuring manner: “All doing well, thank you. Yes, we’re doing well”, with his wife Kate still convalescing at home as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy.

William was in Seaham visiting Low Carbon Materials, a finalist in his Earthshot Prize in 2022, where he learned about how they are making low-carbon construction material alternatives.

He also paid a visit to James’ Place in Newcastle to hear about the crucial free treatment and support they provide to help prevent male suicide.

The Prince of Wales Visits Northeast Of England

Prince William speaks to a woman in Newcastle (Image: Getty)

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During a stopover at Little Lotus Nursery William also encountered a cheeky little boy who told a slight fib in order to get the Prince’s attention.

Kevin, aged three, told William it was his birthday and shook his hand, with the future King then asking him if he had eaten any cake to celebrate.

But staff at the nursery had to spoil the fun by admitting it was not actually Kevin’s birthday, but that he had been so excited to chat to William that he told a little lie.

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Prince William in goggles at factory

The Prince learnt about producing low-carbon construction materials (Image: Getty)

William was in the West Midlands last week visiting a school after being invited by pupil Freddie Hadley, who invited the royal to learn about their campaign #AmIManlyEnough.

While there he also mentioned Kate, as he apologised for her absence and said she would have “loved to be there”, however she is still staying away from public-facing duties.

On March 22 Kate posted a video to her official X account confirming she had been diagnosed with cancer, two months after undergoing planned abdominal surgery.

Princess Kate waves at carol concert

Kate is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy (Image: Getty)

Recently William too has taken a step back from his royal work to be there for his family, as their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis cope with the news.

King Charles has also been away from the royal spotlight as he undergoes treatment for his own cancer, but he was back at work on Tuesday this week for his first public appearance in months.

He visited University College Hospital in London alongside Queen Camilla, where they went to the Macmillan Cancer Centre to speak to patients and staff.