Prince Harry will be in the UK next week, but he is not likely to see Prince William or Princess Kate while he is here.

Royal Family at Commonwealth Day Service 2020

William and Kate are not likely to reunite with Harry when he visits the UK (Image: Getty)

Prince William and Princess Kate reportedly have no plans to meet with Prince Harry when he comes back to the UK for the Invictus Games ceremony next week.

While some have been hoping for a royal reunion, and King Charles may indeed yet make plans to see his youngest son, a friend of the Prince and Princess of Wales explained why they have no desire to reunite with him when he sets foor on British soil on May 8.

The unnamed source told the Daily Beast: “Both sides understand each other’s position clearly now. William and Catherine felt completely betrayed by Harry’s memoir (Spare). They don’t speak to Harry and Meghan, and they are certainly not about to start when Catherine is at her most vulnerable.”

In March, Kate announced that she was undergoing preventative chemotherapy, and while it is understood that Harry and Meghan Markle have reached out to her privately to send their well wishes, their relationship has yet to be restored.

Prince William and Princess Kate laughing

Princess Kate continues to undergo cancer treatment (Image: Getty)

Harry’s spokesperson has declined to comment on whether he will seek a meeting with William and Kate as she continues to battle cancer.

Another friend, who is no longer in contact with Harry since he left the UK, has claimed that even though there has been some communication between the couples, this does not mean the feud is over.

They said: “[Harry is] just another person who sold his story to the papers. A ‘get well soon’ message is neither here nor there. But the whole situation doesn’t use up a huge amount of their mental energy any more.

Harry and William at Queen Elizabeth funeral

Prince Harry will travel to Nigeria after his brief trip to the UK (Image: Getty)

Royal Family members are likely to have known about the Duke’s upcoming trip for a while, as it was recently revealed that he is required to give 28 days notice so that appropriate security can be arranged.

Harry will be making the trip solo, as it was confirmed once again that Meghan has declined to come back to the UK, having not visited since September 2022.

The Sussexes will instead travel to Nigeria after the Invictus 10 year anniversary service, having been invited by the country’s Chief of Defence staff.

They were introduced at the most recent Invictus Games last September in Germany, where Nigeria took part in the Games for the first time.

Meghan has accompanied Harry to several Invictus events over the years, with the couple most recently in Canada to mark one year to go until Invictus 2025.