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Prince Harry — possibly alongside his wife Meghan Markle — has plans to return to the U.K. this May to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, and royal watchers have been wondering if the prince will pay a visit to his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton, especially amid her cancer treatment.

While it was initially reported that William and Middleton did not want to see Harry, royal expert and author Tim Quinn said the couple is more afraid of the drama and speculation that would come along with avoiding Harry and Markle altogether.

“William and Kate are really nervous that whether Harry comes alone or with Meghan there are going to be difficulties and a great deal of planning is going on to try to reduce all the inevitable awkwardness and embarrassment — one plan being looked is to let the brothers appear in public for a short period to try to show they can at least be civil to each other,” Quinn told The Mirror. Instead, the couple would rather put their differences aside and see Harry (and maybe Markle) briefly in order to keep rumors and theories at bay.

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“It’s a question of the lesser of two evils,” Quinn added. “If Harry comes to the UK in May and avoids his brother and Kate, there will be more damaging speculation than if they try to patch things up just enough to cope with a short meeting.”

A reunion between the Fab Four is still very much in the air. In fact, just last week, one source close to William and Kate said that the couple does not want any “drama” with Harry. “Catherine and William have been very clear they want peace and quiet for them and the kids,” an insider told The Daily Beast. “A visit from Harry, with all the drama that would bring, would be the opposite of that.”

The source added, “They have come to terms with the estrangement from Harry, and are content to let sleeping dogs lie.”

Prince Harry already visited the U.K. this year after his father, King Charles, announced that he had also been diagnosed with cancer. Harry’s upcoming trip has already been planned as the Invictus Games will be holding a service commemorating its 10th birthday at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8. In the midst of Middleton’s health crisis, however, it would make sense for Harry to schedule a visit with his sister-in-law, with whom he was once close. Markle still has yet to confirm whether or not she will join her husband in England as she is still “very anxious” about the prospect of returning.