In his Netflix docuseries released in December 2022, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle provided an inside look into their experiences within the British royal family, known as “the Firm.” One particular incident that drew attention was Harry’s apparent criticism of the Princess of Wales, which a friend of Prince William described as “the lowest of the low.”

Throughout the six-part series, Harry and Meghan leveled accusations against both Prince William and King Charles. William was accused of “screaming and shouting,” while Charles was accused of “lying” during a high-profile summit. These claims shed light on the tensions and conflicts within the royal family, offering an insider’s perspective on the challenges they faced.

The docuseries offered a candid glimpse into the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, highlighting their struggles and the reasons behind their decision to step back from their senior royal roles. It sparked widespread discussion and debate about the dynamics within the monarchy and the pressures faced by its members.

While the criticisms directed at Harry himself were undoubtedly hurtful, it’s concerning that the remarks seemingly targeting Kate appear to have ignited William’s fury. In one of the earlier episodes, Harry’s statement about the temptation within the royal family to marry someone who “fits the mould” raises red flags. Such comments could be perceived as veiled jabs at Kate’s suitability as a royal spouse. We must exercise caution when making public statements that could potentially undermine the dignity and privacy of family members, especially those in the public eye. The repercussions of such remarks can be far-reaching and damaging to personal relationships and reputations.

The ongoing rift between Prince Harry and the royal family has been a subject of intense public interest, with recent revelations from Harry’s memoir “Spare” and the Netflix documentary series further fueling the controversy. At the center of this feud are the reported tensions between Harry and his sister-in-law, Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

According to the book “Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story” by Robert Hardman, friends of the royal family believed that Harry’s comments in the Netflix documentary were a “blatant attack” on Catherine. Harry had suggested that there was a temptation within the family, especially for the men, to marry someone who “would fit the mould” rather than their true soulmate.

Furthermore, in his memoir “Spare,” Harry did not hold back in revealing private details about a falling out between Catherine and Meghan, including an alleged disagreement over Meghan borrowing Catherine’s lipgloss and a comment about “baby brain” after the birth of Prince Louis.

Royal expert Jennie Bond believes that Catherine has been deeply hurt and insulted by these attacks from Harry and Meghan. Bond suggests that while Catherine initially hoped the rift could be mended, as evidenced by her efforts to encourage reconciliation after Prince Philip’s funeral, the situation has now reached a point where the rift appears irreparable in the foreseeable future.

Bond states that Catherine and Prince William have likely accepted that the happy family dynamic they once envisioned is no longer a possibility, and they have decided to move forward with their lives, focusing on their roles and responsibilities within the royal family.