Prince Harry will soon travel to the United Kingdom for an Invictus Games service before flying to Nigeria, with the Duke’s ‘globe-trotting freedom’ sparking ‘jealousy’ in his brother Prince William

Prince Harry’s “globe-trotting freedom” has sparked “jealousy” in his older brother Prince William, a royal expert claims.

The Duke of Sussex is due to fly from California to London next week for an Invictus Games event in the capital city of his former home country. Flying solo and without his wife, Meghan Markle, Harry will be in the UK alone before jetting to Nigeria with the Duchess for an unofficial tour of sorts.

According to Royal expert and author Tom Quinn, Harry’s jet-set lifestyle has left a bitter taste in his brother William’s mouth, with it claimed that the Prince of Wales “envies” his younger brother’s “freedom”.

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The brothers have been at loggerheads in recent years (
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“There has certainly been a shift in the relationship between Harry and his brother William and surprisingly there is even a bit of William that envies his brother’s globe-trotting freedom,” Mr Quinn told The Mirror, exclusively.

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He noted: “William has always been more confident because he has always been a monarch in waiting, and for a long time that was enough to ensure he felt confident about his role and his future. But Harry has become such a thorn in the Royal Family side that he is getting a great deal of the attention that really should go to William and his father King Charles.”

He went on to say that William is “a little jealous of Harry‘s ability to keep himself at the forefront of the news, even if he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons”, adding that William is “frustrated that he doesn’t get the attention he should be getting”.

Mr Quinn then told us that a Kensington Palace source said: “William’s view of Harry is that it’s a case of the devil having all the best tunes.” The expert concluded: “For a long time, William simply felt that doing the right thing and being dutiful like his grandmother would stand him in good stead, but there’s a bit of William that feels that he needs a bit more edge to keep up with his little brother.”

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