The British royal family is going through a difficult time, given King Charles and Kate Middleton’s dual cancer diagnoses. While they’ve been putting on a brave face publicly for Easter festivities, one person who’s absent from the celebrations this weekend is Prince Harry, who’s presumably in California with his wife and kids.

Given that Harry and Meghan Markle abdicated their royal duties in 2021 and have been on tenuous terms with the royals since it’s not surprising they won’t celebrate Easter with his family.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Leave HRH Titles

But some fans have expected his family’s ongoing health crisis may push Harry and Meghan to reconcile with the royals. Harry did return to the U.K. briefly after the King’s diagnosis was announced earlier this year. But Harry didn’t stay long and neither Meghan nor their two children came along for the journey.

Prince Harry Is Apparently Sad His Kids Won’t Celebrate Easter Like He Did

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Now, a new report says that Prince Harry is likely feeling resentful that he won’t be spending Easter with his family, given what they’re going through, and he’s likely sad his kids won’t participate in the Easter traditions he did growing up.

According to royal author Tom Quinn, Harry is likely to feel upset because his children will miss out on the customary holiday festivities and the opportunity to bond with their cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, the kid of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“The Royal Family traditionally meet on Easter Sunday at Windsor for a service in St George’s Chapel, followed by a brief walkabout and then a very traditional lunch of roast lamb,” the royal expert divulged to The Mirror.

King Charles is anticipated to lead the service this year alongside Queen Camilla, though it’s unclear if Middleton will be in attendance, though she’s been seen publicly since her cancer new broke. But Harry and Meghan definitely won’t be at the service, and it may take a toll on their marriage, the author predicted.

“Harry always enjoyed this tradition because he got to meet an adoring p

ublic for a short period. But what’s really going to upset Harry this year is that his children will miss out on the Easter egg hunt that takes place afterward,” Quinn explained.

“And of course it would’ve given Archie and Lilibet a chance to get to know George, Charlotte and Louis. The family rift is going to prevent this and Harry will feel it keenly,” he added.

Prince Harry And Meghan Reportedly Disagree About Their Family’s Future

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

There have been reports that Prince Harry is interested in returning to the U.K. permanently admi his father and sister-in-law’s diagnoses. Some speculation suggests he desires to resume his royal duties, especially given claims he and Meghan are having financial difficulties.

But the Suits actress doesn’t seem to be on the same page, with reports saying she’s focusing on resuming her acting career. A more recent article says Meghan is also interested in launching a makeup brand and using her social media clout for career and financial opportunities, much like the Kardashian-Jenner family has become known for. And given that Meghan and Harry were recently seen bumping shoulders with Kris Jenner, maybe the momager is giving their careers a helping hand.