Prince Harry appeared in a video to share words of praise for Sergeant First Class Elizabeth Marks as she was awarded the US soldier of the year award

Prince Harry was on hand to present a US soldier of the year award on Thursday and donned his own medals for the occasion.

The Duke of Sussex appeared on the big screen at the event as he praised winner Sergeant First Class Elizabeth Marks and labelled her a “beacon of inspiration”. Harry’s recorded message was filmed from his Montecito mansion and played to the crowd, before being shared by the Military Times.

Harry, wore his four medals – his Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, his Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, his Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and his Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal – for the video.

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Prince Harry recorded a message for the soldier of the year award (
Military Times)
Analysing his body language in the footage, expert Judi James said he showed one sign very similar to his dad, King Charles. Judi told us: “Like his father, Harry spoke with a horizontal widening of the lower lip to again suggest a military background and at the end of his speech he performed a very authoritative finger-point to the camera to tell the audience ‘It’s for you’.”

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She also added: “While the military heroes on stage at this US Service Members of the Year awards sported service ribbons on their uniforms Harry popped up on screen in the smartest of designer suits with a fully splayed chest of gleaming medals dangling and catching the lights.

‌”This was Harry in full war-hero mode himself, slipping into military body language just as easily as he can, chameleon-like, slip into other princely personas depending on who he is meeting.‌ Harry stood upright facing the camera with an admirable lack of any obvious signs that he was reading from a script. He bounced lightly on his heels and his elbows bounced lightly against his ribs as his head tilted from side to side and his eyes narrowed or opened like a true motivational military leader.”‌

Harry heavily praised the award recipient Sergeant Marks in the clip, who he had previously presented with four gold medals at the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando. He complimented her, saying she “epitomises the courage, resilience and determination represented across our service community”.

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