Prince Harry has been left “full of regret” after his relationship with the Princess of Wales “collapsed spectacularly”, according to one Royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex and Princess Kate historically had a close bond before Harry’s relationship with the Royals became strained when he and Meghan Markle quit the UK to live in the US and divulged an array of private family information in interviews, their Netflix documentary, and in Harry’s memoir, Spare. Now Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe has described how Kate was once like “the sister Harry never had” with her shock cancer diagnosis almost certainly leaving him wishing he could “turn back the clock.”

Duncan explained: “Bombshell news like Kate’s puts things into perspective and Harry isn’t immune from being filled with regrets and what-ifs. Kate was like the sister Harry never had and he is probably full of regret at how his relationship with her and William has collapsed so spectacularly.”

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
Harry, William and Kate used to be quite the trio 
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Duncan added to New! magazine that it was highly likely that Harry only learned of Kate’s cancer diagnosis at the same time as the rest of the world due to a lack of trust between the Royals and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He said: “It’s absolutely right to think that he wouldn’t have found out until it broke on the news channels, at the same time as everybody else, because there is no trust, how could William and Kate risk sharing such sensitive information with Harry and Meghan when their relationship has broken down?”

The Royal expert does, however, believe that there could be a gesture of good will extended by Harry on his upcoming trip to the UK in May where he might try and meet with William and Kate. Duncan admitted that he felt “we could well see Harry try to reach out to them and perhaps try to visit William,” while he is in the country for an Invictus Games event, adding that “if he could turn the clock back now maybe he would like to.”

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton

Harry may well try and reach out to Kate 
UK Press via Getty Images)The news comes after Harry and Meghan were seen putting on a united front as they attended an charity exhibition co-hosted by the Archewell Foundation. The pair appeared to be a “like-minded double act,” at the elite gathering according to body language expert Judi James.

She explained how the couple’s actions showed them to be like-minded and sharing their power and status. She said: “Harry and Meghan were clearly in synchronised mode here, with their pics showing them moving together and throwing matching facial expressions like formation dancers in a ballroom contest. The look presents them as a like-minded double act with an even balance of power and status.”