Prince Harry is hurting after King Charles III made a super shady decision to give Prince William a new royal title!


If you missed it, on Tuesday, Buckingham Palace announced that the Prince of Wales will be made colonel-in-chief of the Army Air Corps, a title Harry likely would’ve expected to receive had he not left the family. The news broke just as he was arriving in the UK, too. So, this was one of many ways the royals snubbed him during his trip!

According to royal expert Tom Quinn via The Mirror on Saturday, the Duke of Sussex was deeply affected by this announcement, he explained:

Quinn also claimed this news was “deliberately” made while Harry was visiting to show that he “is no longer welcome.” He noted:


The insider furthered:

Jeez. Another insider, Christopher Andersen, had an equally dire take on this situation, telling Us Weekly on Friday that William’s new title is a “tremendous insult” to his younger brother. While the Brothers and Wives author believes the Invictus Games founder is “one of the great assets of the royal family,” that’s certainly not how The Firm sees things anymore! No, the royals seem determined never to let the Spare author back into the fold — despite his best efforts! Christopher shared:

The royal biographer added that Charles and Princess Catherine‘s cancer battles would have been “the perfect opportunity to build the bridges and make amends” — and yet The Firm and Harry’s relatives are set on banishing him! And when they set their minds to something, expect them to follow through. He ominously said:


As for the timing of the announcement, Andersen mused:

Noting that the 39-year-old is “the one guy in the royal family who has seen combat” and “the one true army hero in the family” who is “entitled” to various military ranks, Christopher said, “It’s really quite sad.” Referencing Charles’ refusal to meet with his second son, he concluded:

But they clearly aren’t, so maybe it’s better not to fake it?? But then… is acting like Harry’s “dead” to them really necessary? Nobody expects them to be one big happy family instantly, but isn’t it worth trying, especially amid so many health issues in the group? What do y’all think?? SOUND OFF (below)!