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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to be “planning their escape route” from the United States, which comes amid the lawsuit brought against the Duke of Sussex in regards to his visa application and historic drug use.

Prince Harry moved to the United States in 2020 with his wife Meghan Markle, with him now currently having his US visa application reviewed by a judge following his admissions about his use of drugs in his memoir, Spare.

Think tank group The Heritage Foundation launched a lawsuit against Harry after he admitted taking drugs in his tell-all memoir Spare, as applicants are asked questions about their drug-taking history while filling out the form. Harry famously details taking magic mushrooms and smoking cannabis in his bombshell memoir.

The couple moved away from the UK in 2020 
And now The Daily Mail’s Richard Eden has said that he thinks Harry “has every reason to be nervous” after a Freedom of Information Act request was filed by the think tank for his immigration documents.

Speaking on Palace Confidential, he said: “As the US presidential election is on the horizon, we know Meghan is not a fan of Donald Trump and that feeling is very much mutual.

“Trump’s enjoyed making suggestions that they won’t have such an easy ride if he’s president again so I think Harry has every reason to feel nervous in the USA now and it would suit him if he’s got that escape route back to his homeland.”

Detailing his experience taking magic mushrooms, Harry wrote in Spare: “I stared at the bin. It stared back. ‘What—staring?’ Then it became… a head. I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin.”

Harry has also admitted to using other substances such as cocaine and marijuana. In another part of the book, Harry said: “Psychedelics did me some good as well. I’d experimented with them over the years, for fun, but now I’d begun to use them therapeutically, medicinally. They didn’t simply allow me to escape reality for a while.”