A royal expert has cautioned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about their future moves as one of their most lucrative deals is in danger of not getting renewed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should brace themselves for major financial trouble if Netflix doesn’t renew their lucrative deal, a royal expert has warned.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the Royal Family in 2020 and moved to America where they tried to set up a life for themselves and their young family by being financially independent.

Harry and Meghan have taken part in a number of projects and struck various deals, including one with Netflix.

Shortly after their royal departure, the pair signed a lucrative five-year deal with the streaming giant, which was reportedly worth £80million ($100million)

But while the Sussex couple have a couple of projects – like Harry’s polo show and Meghan’s cookery show – in early production, they were warned they could face financial trouble if the deal – which is set to expire in just a few months – doesn’t get renewed.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could face financial troubles in the coming months, says expertRoyal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Mirror: “They are working on new programmes for Netflix and Meghan has launched her lifestyle blog, American Riviera Orchard.

“They have lost Spotify, rather curiously Lemonada Media, which Meghan has joined, reportedly intends to place her podcasts on ice until next year. Nothing has come of rumours about Meghan and any political ambitions she might have.”

The expert added that since their Netflix contract began, the couple have done “hardly anything” for it. And that since the streaming giant is no longer producing the series of The Crown, there might be “less interest” in the Sussexes.

Mr Fitzwilliams warned: “If they lost this contract, with Archewell, their business and charitable foundation, having so few donors, they might well be in financial trouble.


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a lucrative five-year deal with Netflix (Image: Getty)

“Since their exposes of royal life has made megabucks, but little else has made money, the Royal Family better hope that this unpredictable and ruthlessly ambitious couple stays with Netflix.”

It comes as Meghan’s podcasting return got pushed back to 2025, after it was claimed Lemonada Media would put the relaunch of her Archetypes podcast on ice so it won’t get “overshadowed” by the duchess’s forthcoming Netflix series, which has already started filming.

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According to the Mail’s diary editor, Richard Eden, Lemonada are concerned there could be “scheduling conflicts” between the podcast launch and Meghan’s new series.