Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘no longer seen as royals’ in America after ‘doing family wrong’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer seen as royals in America, according to a world-famous star.

The Fun Lovin Criminals star Huey Morgan has claimed that the couple have caused derision over their motives in returning to the US from the UK and it has caused them to suffer a fall from grace. Huey, who hails from New York but lives in the UK has claimed that Americans see the Royal Family like “Disney World” and that people are obsessed with the idea of knowing the ins and outs of life in the Palace.

However, Huey believes Harry and Meghan have lost their sparkle when it comes to the US loving the Royals after they became part of “the Hollywood clique.” He admitted that the couple would no longer be viewed in the same light as Prince William and Princess Kate or King Charles.

Huey told “They gave up their royal titles right, so he’s just a dude living in America like 340 million other people. I don’t think people in America really look at them as royalty, I think they look at Charles, William and his wife as royalty, and he [Harry] is like the dude that skipped, you know.”

He added: “He’s not a royal, but they’re in that whole Hollywood clique, where people kind of look at them and roll their eyes. I mean everyone does to the Hollywood people, but the whole idea of royalty in America is a novelty.”

While Harry and Meghan and no longer referred to as his or her royal highness (HRH) the pair have kept their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry is also still a Prince and is fifth in line to the throne in the United Kingdom

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