American actress Stefanie Powers said it’s not Meghan and Harry’s job ‘to try and change the royal dynamic’ while branding Prince Andrew ‘stupid’ and praising her friend Charles

A polo pal of Prince Charles has launched an extraordinary rant at Meghan Markle and branded Prince Andrew ‘stupid’.

Stefanie Powers, who became friends with the Prince of Wales because of the sport, said the Duchess of Sussex “wants to be a star, which, I’m sorry, is not what she is supposed to be doing.”

She added: “Meghan’s role is not about being a star. It’s her job to be Prince Harry’s wife, not change the royal dynamic.”

Powers said if Harry also wants to change the ‘royal dynamic’ then he should get out of the job.

Powers said the Duchess of Sussex’s role is ‘not about being a star’ 
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Turning to the Duke of York, she said “Prince Andrew is stupid” and that he has made a fool of himself.

Meanwhile, in the interview with the Daily Beast, she said Charles is an undermined and knowledgeable man who is concerned about the environment.

“I think he deserves a great more deal more credit than he is given,” Powers said.

The American actress praised the Prince of Wales 

Powers called the Duke of York ‘stupid’ 
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She described Charles as lovely and witty and thinks he would make a good King, although she says that he’d have big shoes to fill.

She also enthusiastically praised Kate Middleton, who she claimed was ‘impeccable’.

The American actress, who is best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the mystery series Hart to Hart, said the public don’t know who he really is.

Powers also spoke about “sensational” Princess Anne, who she thinks is committed to what she does.

She said she has stepped back and doesn’t ‘make a circle of life’.