Justin Fields in Bears jersey

Justin Fields (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Justin Fields could be used in an entirely new position for the Pittsburgh Steelers next season, according to one of his new teammates.

With the NFL’s new kickoff rules to put a different spin on things as of 2023, return specialists should be in demand. And a Steelers player has teased that Fields could take up the role for the team following his trade from the Chicago Bears.

Running back Jaylen Warren was at a recent draft party hosted by defensive lineman Cameron Heyward on his ‘Not Just Football’ platform and was asked whether he would be open to returning kickoffs given the new rules. He said he wouldn’t mind, but one of the coaches actually suggested that Fields could do it.

“Our special teams coordinator was talking about Justin Fields being back there,” he said. “We looked at him like, ‘Justin Fields is gonna be back there?’ I don’t know. I think it’s cool.”

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Justin Fields Might Excel As A Return Specialist, But Would The Steelers Really Risk It?

Fields was brought in as a backup for veteran quarterback Russell Wilson but is a fantastic all-around talent who could hurt opponents on the ground just as well as he can from the air.

The QB’s name also came up when Warren was asked about the fastest player on the Steelers roster, suggesting it was either Fields or wide receiver Calvin Austin.

Fields notably registered 1,143 rushing yards for the Bears in 2022, the second-highest-ever for a QB behind Lamar Jackson’s 1,206 in 2019. Still, it’s hard to imagine the Steelers putting him in a position where he’s guaranteed to get hit.