Molly Qerim, Chris Russo, and Jay WilliamsMolly Qerim, Chris Russo, Jay Williams (Photo via @MollyQerim/Twitter)
ESPN’s Molly Qerim had fans raving online this Wednesday after posting a photo of herself wearing what’s quite possibly her most provocative outfit yet.

The ‘First Take’ co-host took to Twitter/X to share a photo in which she’s seen posing with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Jay Williams.

The post, captioned “First Take fam,” shows Molly in a very short dress, showing off her curves, legs, and something else we’ve chosen not to mention… You’ll see it if you look closely enough.

Anyhow, the post is out here:

“Molly you going have to hear me out for a sec when you get a chance.. Message me,” a user begged.

“Stephen A is somewhere punching the air rn,” another joked.

One fan thought, “Dudes probably can’t concentrate today..”

Another went, “Lord have mercy Molly….”

“they need to get a desk where everybody stands up on first take if we are truly to capture the full potential of the program,” someone also suggested.

You can see some more reactions below:

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Molly Qerim Has Been Going Viral Often Nowadays

Molly Qerim’s post has attracted well over 800,000 views in the few hours it’s been up.

She must now be used to going viral online, as it happens rather often.

Whether it’s for her stunning outfits, one of which had Shannon Sharpe biting his tongue recently, or her awkward exchanges with Stephen A. Smith – there’s always something going on in the ‘First Take’ studio or on Molly’s social media accounts that has everyone willing to risk it all.

Even Russo’s tried to get a handful today…