eli manning and his nephew
Once again, Eli Manning and the NFC took down Peyton Manning and the AFC in the NFL Pro Bowl with a score of 64-59.

It did not go off without some controversy.


Ultimately, it came down to the skills events as the NFC won Madden head-to-head, move the chains, gridiron gauntlet, tug of war, and best catch on Sunday for 18 total points.

The AFC had a chance to walk it off, but rookie CJ Stroud could not connect with Keenan Allen in the end zone.

After the game, all players greeted each other on the field, but Peyton Manning’s son had something to say.

Peyton’s son, Marshall, told Eli that the refs won the game because this was all scripted.

“You know the refs won the game,” Marshall told Eli. “It’s scripted.”

Games being scripted has been talked about ever since Arian Foster joked about the league giving players a script before the season.

The NFL joined in on the fun but clearly, some fans truly believe these things are happening.