Despite Meghan Markle’s concerted efforts, which included her meticulously curated jam and a state visit to Nigeria, a commentator asserts that only about one-third of Americans hold a favorable opinion of the Duchess of Sussex.

According to a recent Newsweek poll, 36 percent of surveyed adults expressed a positive view of Meghan, while 24 percent disliked her, resulting in a net approval rating of +12. Notably, this rating represents a significant decline from the survey conducted just three months prior, in February.

Meghan Markle is not a popular figure in the United States

In an analysis featured in The Telegraph, David Christopher Kaufman describes Meghan as well-educated and exceptionally articulate. While she often emphasizes her mid-level accomplishments, her most enduring achievement remains her marriage into the Windsor family.

Kaufman points out that Meghan’s challenge lies in her unwavering belief in the lasting impact of her achievements, even after she has ceased actively achieving. He suggests that both Harry and Meghan might find more abundant opportunities in the UK than in the US. Kaufman humorously observes that the couple currently resides in an opulent Montecito villa funded by familial resources, awaiting their next venture. Perhaps a return to Britain, where Harry’s birth affords greater prospects, could be advantageous.

Despite their initial reluctance to engage with tabloids, Harry and Meghan’s decision to enlist a UK-based PR team reflects their recognition of the importance of maintaining communication with the British media. Recently, Meghan made new PR hires—Charlie Gipson and Kyle Boulia—to revitalize her public image.

Additionally, the couple’s ambitious Spotify partnership resulted in substantial financial losses. Following the announcement of the end of Meghan and Harry’s Spotify deal, Bill Simmons, Spotify’s head of podcast innovation, criticized the couple, labeling them as “grifters.”

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Meghan’s subsequent deal with Lemonada Media, announced in February, marked her return to the podcasting world after the abrupt conclusion of her Spotify venture.