Prince Harry has updated his records in Britain to list the US as his primary residence, but there is still one key question that remains after the Duke of Sussex’s latest move

Prince Harry’s decision to officially relocate to the US has been seen as the final nail in the coffin of his ties with Britain, but one glaring question still lingers, says a Royal expert. The Duke of Sussex seems to have updated his UK records, marking the US as his main place of residence.

Documents filed at Companies House for his eco-tourism charity Travalyst on Wednesday show the duke, under his full title Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex, listing the United States as his “new country/state usually resident”. The date of change is noted as June 29, 2023 – the same day Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had left their former UK home, Frogmore Cottage.

Now, a Royal pundit suggests that Harry’s latest move confirms his total break from his homeland, as he currently has no base in the UK following his departure from Frogmore Cottage. Veteran Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told “It [the change of residency] clearly finalises the split with Britain, as the Sussexes have had no British base after their eviction from Frogmore Cottage.”
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He added: “As we know he has lost his attempt to challenge the security arrangements currently in place when he and his family visit Britain.”

Mr Fitzilliams emphasised that while Harry has expressed his desire to apply for American citizenship, this could pose a challenge for his Royal ties as the future of his titles remains uncertain. This raises one significant question, he told the Express.

He elaborated: “Although he has said he has thought of applying for American citizenship, it is unclear what would happen to his titles if he did. There is also a challenge to see his visa application after his admission of drug use in his memoir, Spare, which is currently before an American court.

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Prince Harry’s latest move has sealed his complete departure from the UK, says expert 
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“All of this would once have been unthinkable for someone who was once admired in Britain, but now polls show he and Meghan are extremely unpopular in the UK and far less popular in the US. After their ruthless monetising of their royal links, it is a small wonder.”

However, he added: “Since he is not a working royal this is unlikely to affect the royal family directly. The rift between the brothers remains deep. However, the circumstances, with the King and Catherine seriously ill, are unprecedented and may lead to the building of bridges. Since the Sussexes are so distrusted, it would be wise to do this in private if it is to have any chance of success.”