The Queen of England, Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Kate did not speak out to congratulate Harry – Meghan Markle on the 3rd wedding anniversary.

Before celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary, Prince Harry dealt two strong blows to the dignity of the British royal family. First, on May 13, Harry launched a bitter attack on his own father, Prince Charles. In the podcast interview, he mentioned in detail that he felt free and happy when carrying baby Archie on his bike, something he did not have the opportunity to enjoy.

However, the audience only needs to search on the internet about Prince Harry’s childhood to bring up a series of photos of him being carried in the back of his father’s car. This detail makes many people feel angry on behalf of Prince Charles.

Second, Prince Harry also set conditions for the British royal family. Specifically, Harry asked the British royal family to allow Meghan Markle to attend the unveiling event of the late Princess Diana’s statue. Although Meghan Markle is in the final months of her pregnancy, she may not be able to attend in person, but Harry still wants her to speak online and emphasized, “Meghan must be part of the ceremony.”

No one from the British royal family spoke up to congratulate Harry - Meghan Markle on the 3rd wedding anniversary - Photo 2.

Photos from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 3 years ago.

This incident made the Queen extremely sad and Prince William very angry. Specifically, a royal source told US Weekly that the family was unhappy with Harry’s comments.

The source said: “The Queen was not moved by her nephew’s latest interview and found it heartbreaking. The interview did not help their relationship at all.” This person added that Prince Charles and Prince William were “also angry” after what the 37-year-old prince shared.

Because of the things that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have done for their family, no one in the royal family wished them a happy 3rd anniversary. This work received public support. During the past time, Harry and Meghan Markle have behaved very inappropriately with the Queen and her family members.