Nick Saban’s Daughter Unleashes A Stern Message About Brittany Mahomes

kristin saban posing at Alabama game. brittany mahomes smiling.
Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen, is just about tired of critics of Brittany Mahomes just as the wife of Patrick Mahomes is.

On Thursday the wife of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes announced she will be featured in SI Swimsuit’s 60th anniversary issue. Soon, photos and videos would flood social media as admirers as well as critics had something to say about it.


Nick Saban’s daughter took to social media to defend her.
“Hot take here. But idk why people are so mad at Brit Mahomes,” Saban tweeted on Thursday. “Like she’s doing SI swimsuit modeling now and tbh she looks SO GOOD.”

The personal trainer appeared to respond to some of the backlash she’s received over her recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit debut.

“I’m here to tell you people will dislike you, people will love you,” she wrote in a text overlay of an Instagram Story. “Don’t let any of that define you. Keep shining and being you.”
Many critics on social media expressed their disapproval of Mahomes’ debut shortly after the publication announced that she was to appear in the magazine’s 2024 SI Swimsuit Issue.

Mahomes, a former professional soccer player and co-owner of the women’s soccer team Kansas City Current, is apparently shaking off the criticism. She has been handling her critics much better over the past year than she did before as she used to lash out at them in response.

In her interview with Sports Illustrated, Mahomes described herself as “unapologetically always myself in any setting.”

“People are going to love you or hate you, but finding your values and what makes you ‘you’ to be the best version of yourself is what really matters,” she said. “Whether that’s health and wellness, being a great wife or mom, or career goals, being the best version of you is the most important thing you can be.”
Brittany and Patrick Mahomes were married in March 2022. They share a daughter, Sterling, as well as a 1-year-old son, Patrick III.

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