Charissa Thompson posing on couchCharissa Thompson (Photo via charissajthompson/Instagram)
Charissa Thompson of Fox Sports and Amazon Prime’s “Thursday Night Football” went viral for her stunning outfit on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

Thompson, who co-hosts a podcast with Erin Andrews, appeared on the late-night show with her co-host on Thursday to discuss everything from their popular podcast to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Despite everything that was talked about, many fans couldn’t help but notice Charissa Thompson’s body as she wore her short yellow skirt.

A lot of fans took to social media and commented on her weight, as they became worried about her health.

Thompson certainly works out. She shared a picture of herself wearing black shorts and an athletic tank top, posing with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski (among many others) on the beach earlier in May.

Thompson struggled with losing her yoga studio during the pandemic lockdowns but was still able to go running. “I tried many times to replicate the studio at home,” she told New Beauty in 2021. “That part I really missed, but I’ve always been a runner. I always said this about running: All you need is a pair of sneakers. Being able to put on shoes and get outside the walls of your home was a good escape during COVID—so even with the closing down of gyms and the yoga studio, there’s still always the outdoors.”

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Charissa Thompson’s Los Angeles Home Was Once Robbed by ‘Professionals’

Charissa Thompson (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
Back in 2023, Fox and Amazon Prime presenter Charissa Thompson revealed her Los Angeles home was robbed by ‘professionals.’

Thompson revealed she was alerted to the break-in while she was out of town, which left her ‘bawling.’

‘I was at the ranch. I got a text message in the morning that … my alarm had went off at 12:15 at night. And I was like, that’s weird,’ Thompson said.

‘I checked my cameras, and sure enough, two guys running out my front door, bags in their hand, and I immediately started bawling and this like feeling in my stomach of like, holy s**t, I’ve just been robbed.

‘And now it’s the panic of like trying to check the other cameras, the angles, and to expedite the specifics. Three guys came over my back[yard]… I have a big, huge, I mean that, what’s that fence? Like 15 feet or whatever it is… They climb over the fence and they broke the window.

‘They went in the window, the alarms go off… These were professionals. They knew exactly how much time they had. They were only in there for four minutes.’

Thompson referenced that she had previously been stalked and had her private photos hacked.

“I already have an issue with security because I had a stalker at my old house. I’ve been hacked. And yeah, security is paramount for me. So I spend a ridiculous amount of money feeling safe. I have a German Shepherd, I have a husky,” Thompson said.