One key element about Deadpool & Wolverine is yet to be answered, and fans are already worried about it.

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Deadpool & Wolverine will unarguably be bringing about a lot of exciting stuff for the Marvel fandom, and fans just can’t wait for it. Even with all the updates, spoilers, and on-set leaks, the movie has still managed to retain a lot of its key parts. This is why fans are both exhilarated and worried about what they will be getting with the release of the presumed masterpiece.


Deadpool 3 dropped trailerDeadpool & Wolverine.
Among all of these questions about the upcoming film, one thing, in particular, has recently caught a lot of those Wolverine fans off-guard: What will Logan’s claws be made of? This question is inevitably related to Hugh Jackman’s mutant’s strongest weapon. And since it is yet to be confirmed by the franchise, this very factor currently has fans biting their nails off in panic.

Deadpool & Wolverine: What Will Hugh Jackman’s Claws Be Made of?

Even with both the trailers of Deadpool & Wolverine released until now and the leaks and spoilers popping up on the internet every now and then, fans have been able to derive a lot of things that they would see in the upcoming movie but one thing: What would Wolverine’s claws be made of?
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
This is a question that even those eagle-eyed fans, who have already figured out a lot of those hidden spoilers in the trailers, haven’t been able to answer as of now. And considering how even Marvel hasn’t confirmed it yet, this has launched the entire fandom into panic mode.

All of this started when a fan (@CleoSawGotg3) on X recently asked this genuine question about how fans would feel if the Marvel Cinematic Universe were to do their own version of the mutant in the upcoming film and end up making his claws of Vibranium instead of Adamantium.

New fear unlocked

— MV (@mvlsraff) April 28, 2024


As fans already know, Wolverine has an unbreakable Adamantium skeleton in the comics, which is both a boon as well as a curse for him. While it does give him unbreakable bones and an incredibly durable skeleton, it also ties up his healing factor and somewhat acts as a poison for his insides.
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On the other hand, having Vibranium claws would be different for Hugh Jackman‘s mutant. While introducing that would strengthen his healing factor as he would no longer have to fight the infection as he did with adamantium, he would also have to face some serious issues.
Logan's claws in the recently released trailer.Logan’s claws in the recently released trailer.
Since adamantium is more durable than vibranium, having claws made of the latter would affect his durability. Needless to say, it would decrease his durability, which would eventually result in him getting hurt more often if too much kinetic energy gets loaded onto his bones.


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Thus, because of these reasons and Marvel still being eerily silent about it all, fans are more worried than ever about their favorite superhero whom they could finally see come back to life after he was killed off in the 2017 masterpiece Logan.

Fans are Worried About the Metal Wolverine’s Claws Will be Made of

Fans are concerned about Jackman's claws in D&W.Fans are concerned about Jackman’s claws in D&W.
Obviously, this uncertainty about it all and not knowing what could happen to their favorite character after they have finally got the chance to see him once again on the big screens has launched all the die-hard fans of Wolverine into a panic mode.
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Taking to X, here’s how they’re reacting to this major factor about Logan that is yet to be disclosed:


New fear unlocked

— MV (@mvlsraff) April 28, 2024

Why would you show me this?

— Officer Martinez ➐ (@CBMovieFan) April 28, 2024

Only if it were lore accurate, which I doubt they would go to such lenghts.

So they better just keep things as it is.

— {~}Zaiko{~} (@triggeredshiki) April 28, 2024


oh god nonoo

— ᱬ𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚗𝚗ᱬ (@darthtalkalot) April 28, 2024

oh nooo, please tell me they won’t do this

— Azn Hyunnie (@hyunnie_hunny) April 28, 2024

Vibranium acts in a manner he would have to release absorbed energy and it would blow his head off his shoulders

— Ric (@Ric_DaRuler) April 28, 2024


Wouldn’t work well anyways. It would be like that robot t’challa made with a vibranium skeleton. Eventually the kinetic energy built up would be released from the skeleton, which would hurt Logan. The plus tho is increased speed and healing factor

— KiddLamy (@itsjustlamy) April 28, 2024

Adamantium is stronger than vibranium so i hope not
because of his healing he’s the only one that can handle it cause it’s poisonous
it wouldn’t make since if they gave him a different metal

— Mip of Bag End (@wrvwwnkrpk) April 28, 2024

It wouldn’t have work. He would explode every time. The comics have explain this before.

— Xona (@xona230) April 28, 2024


As can be understood from all of these reactions, fans are hoping that things stay just the way they were for Logan and that Marvel doesn’t end up pulling off some stint that eventually ends up hurting more than ever before.

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But to know, once and for all, how things could turn out for Jackman’s superhero, the fandom will have to wait until the release of the movie.


That being said, Deadpool & Wolverine hits the theatres on the 26th of July, 2024.