Split photo of Shannon Sharpe in shock and Brittany Renner talking on a couch.

Brittany Renner opened up about her sex life to Shannon Sharpe in a big way.

Renner revealed how many people she has slept with on the latest episode of Club Shay Shay, eliciting a hilarious response from host Shannon Sharpe.

After a lengthy conversation on his show, Renner brought up how former MLB great Derek Jeter’s dating history was seemingly celebrated by being displayed on a baseball field.

“So, because my dating pool is, I mean, my god—impressive,” she said, to which Sharpe responded, “Expansive.”

“Expansive? I’ve had sex with 35 guys, OK?” the 31-year-old fired back.

The 55-year-old reacted by taking a shot before drinking straight out of the bottle. Renner said she shouldn’t be “judged for having great taste.”

When Sharpe asked why Renner felt as if she needed to share that information publicly, she said, “Probably the same reason that I wrote a book: because I feel called to share. There are some things that maybe moving forward I would keep to myself. But I mean, I just told you I had sex with 35 guys—an updated number for people who have been following the number for years.”

Renner also discussed sleeping with three men in a day and getting a yeast infection. “I came out pretty unscathed for just a yeast infection, considering what I could’ve gotten,” she said.

The Instagram model further revealed she had been on birth control for a decade prior to getting pregnant with her first child with Charlotte Hornets star P.J. Washington in 2021.

“I had my baby when I was 29. I thought I was doing it right. I thought that was my guy,” she said of Washington.

For his part, Washington has pretty much stayed quiet about Renner for some time now. That may be the best way to protect his mental health.

NBA Baby Mama Brittany Renner Explains Why She Can Date 18-Year-Old Guys (VIDEO)

Brittany Renner is just a hot take machine. The social media personality is the mother of a son that she shares a son with PJ Washington, who is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets.

The ex-couple reportedly met while Washington was in college when he was 18 and she was 26. After their relationship went sour after the birth of their child, Renner has been subjected to criticism from people who condemned her for dating a teenager, but she has repeatedly defended herself by mentioning that Beyoncé was allegedly 18 when she dated Jay-Z, who was also 12 years older than her.

While on Tonight’s Conversation, Renner engaged in a discussion about age differences once again.

“There’s a 12-year age gap, is what we’re talking about,” she said to the host.

“So, if I’m 30 years old and I’m talking to your son that’s 12 years younger than me, what’s the problem?”


Randi Rossario Maples told her that just based on life experiences alone, she wouldn’t want a 30-year-old woman dating her teenage son.

She also added that her two sons would be advised not to date a woman 12 years younger than them, either.

Renner once again brought the Carters into the conversation.

“Immediately the conversation went to comparison, I hold both parties accountable,” Maples replied.