Meghan’s freshly launched lifestyle brand is facing turbulence straight out of the gate, with whispers suggesting that she’s fretting over its potential demise and is leaning on her husband, Harry, to rescue the sinking ship.

Meghan’s still talking a good game in public, but behind the scenes, it’s a very different story, spills a source. There’s no doubt all the criticism is really getting to her.

Meghan unveiled her brand, American Riviera Orchard, in March, only to encounter a storm of backlash over the initial batch of products—strawberry jam and “Labels of Love” jars showcased on social media.

 The response has been so dismal that some are dubbing her venture a complete flop from the outset, according to insider murmurs. Adding to the pressure is the speculation that potential investors are hesitating to pour funds into the project, sending Meghan into a frenzy.

She’s making a big effort not to let anyone see her sweat, but people in her circle are whispering there are a lot more problems than she’s letting on, says the source.

Meghan’s reportedly exerting pressure on Harry to drum up support from backers. Harry’s being tasked with turning things around before it’s too late, confides the tipster.

He’s not used to pestering his contacts for money, except for charity, but the word is that Meghan’s demanding he start calling in some favors.

The couple recently made an appearance at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge benefiting Sentebale, a cause close to Harry’s heart, aiding children in Lesotho and Botswana.

According to insider reports, Harry’s engaging potential donors for Meghan’s brand during the event in Wellington. It’s clearly out of Harry’s comfort zone, but he’s doing his best to make Meghan happy, says the source.

She’s made it clear what she wants him to do, and there’s a lot riding on it. If the brand flops, it could be seen as a Goop lifestyle knockoff, so as you might imagine, the stress level is sky-high.

At the Royal Salute Polo Challenge, Prince Harry, eager to garner support for Meghan’s struggling brand, American Riviera Orchard, approached his polo friend, Nacho Figueras, for investment with a mixture of hope and trepidation.
Meghan Markle's Jam Praised by Prince Harry's Pal Nacho Figueras

Harry pitched the idea, emphasizing the potential of Meghan’s jam products. However, despite Harry’s earnest plea, Nacho politely declined, citing various reasons for his decision.

The refusal left Harry disappointed but undeterred, as he continued to engage with other attendees, seeking backing for Meghan’s venture.

Indeed, Nacho Figueras received criticism for his awkward promotion of Meghan’s jam. The polo player posted a picture of himself on Instagram eating jam on toast while posing with Meghan’s new product, clearly showing her American Riviera Orchard brand label.

His caption read, “Did I tell you that I love your jam?” Meghan distributed 50 special jars of jam to friends and influencers, including Nacho’s wife, Delfina Blaquier.

As Meghan looks to establish herself away from the royal family and her career in Hollywood, fans have been quick to criticize the promotion of the product.

Under Nacho’s social media post, a fan wrote, “Sorry if this offends, but Meghan should not be using others to promote herself.” User RonaldDonald41 wrote, “Really cringeworthy and embarrassing.” Instagram user AnleyHayes9 wrote, “Now it’s getting a bit forced, just saying.”

The jam jars have been hand-numbered between 1 and 50, and it’s unclear how much they’ll retail for or when they’ll go on sale.