Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeFox News
Kid Rock, the iconic rock-rap musician, is known for his eclectic style and bold personality.

His mansion, a grand replica of the White House and located on a hill outside Nashville, exemplifies his flair for extravagance.

Construction of the Mansion

Kid Rock acquired a 68-acre property and began the ambitious project of constructing this mansion.

The construction spanned nearly two decades and was completed in 2022.

This 27,000-square-foot estate, perched on a hilltop outside Nashville, mirrors the iconic architecture of the actual White House, featuring stately columns and expansive grounds.

The construction process involved meticulous planning and high-end materials to achieve the desired level of opulence.

Unique Features

Hunting Lodge

The estate includes a hunting lodge, offering a dedicated space for outdoor sports and activities.

This facility complements the mansion’s luxurious yet rustic charm.

Fully Functional Gas Station

A fully functional gas station is part of the estate, providing convenience for maintaining vehicles directly on the property.


The property features a barbershop, ensuring personal grooming can be done without leaving the estate.

This addition adds to the convenience and luxury of the mansion.

Repurposed Church

A church on the estate has been repurposed into a horse stable, showcasing the versatility and unique use of space within the property.

It reflects Kid Rock’s eclectic and practical approach to design.

Bowling Alley

A fully-equipped bowling alley provides entertainment and leisure within the comfort of the home.

Golden Fixtures

High-end, opulent golden fixtures are used throughout the mansion, adding a touch of luxury and extravagance.

Entertainment Hub

Beyond its residential use, the mansion serves as an entertainment hub, equipped with amenities to host gatherings and events.

Photos of The Mansion

Aerial View of Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeGoogle Earth

Aerial View of Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeGoogle Earth
Aerial View of Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeGoogle Earth

Aerial View of Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeGoogle Earth

Featuring tall white columns and an American flag, the mansion’s front facade showcases the impressive homage to the real White House and Kid Rock’s grand vision and attention to detail.

Facade of Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeFox News

Revealing several outbuildings, including a hunting lodge and a repurposed church, a wider view of the estate highlights the extensive facilities and versatility of the property.

Aerial View of Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeFox News

Offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape, the mansion nestles among lush greenery, emphasizing the estate’s expansive and secluded nature, perfect for privacy and luxury.

Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeTennessee River Valley News

The Golden Eagle

Boasting a gold-plated eagle at the peak, the mansion’s rooftop adds to the grandeur and patriotic theme that permeates the property, reflecting Kid Rock’s unique style and flair for opulence.

Gold Plated Eagle in Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeFox News

The Golden Bathroom

Emphasizing the extravagant design choices that define this unique mansion, a luxurious golden toilet reflects Kid Rock’s bold taste in home decor.

Bathroom in Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeFox News

Adorning the bathroom with golden tiles and fixtures, including a gold-plated sink and toilet, exemplifies the lavish and audacious interior design throughout Kid Rock’s Nashville estate.

Bathroom in Kid Rock's Tennessee HomeFox News

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